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good night grasscity!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. Time for bed. been up to long already and got to go to work early in the morning..

    Good night all!!!!!

  2. Yea I am lazy!!!!!!!

    It was 11:45 pm here!

    I am getting ready to leave for work!!! it's 6:30 am now!
  3. Make it tommorrow night and i'll stay up with you!
  4. lazy biaa going to sleep!
  5. Nighty night for Indy too.

    See ya'll tomorrow, hope you had/are having/will have a good start to the weekend!

    I think that about covers it. :D

    Bump for an almost year old thread, I gotta get some sleep!
  6. Good night, Sweet Indy! :)
  7. OK guys and girls... Get your lazy asses out of bed.. Today is a new day. So get up and enjoy!
  8. Good night, Blades! I hope everyone sleeps well with super stony dreams!!!!
  9. Nighty night all you blades of the City. :)

    Catch ya'll in the morning. Sleep well and have happy dreams! :wave:
  10. G'nite everybody!!
    4 days 'till the weekend...........

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