Good news, nueteral news, and bad news.

Discussion in 'General' started by Stzaloc, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. IM hella stoked!!!! I work at Fred Meyer and i've been busting my ass for 2 years pushing carts and FINALLY I got accepted for an interview for a different department. Its in the Bakery so that will be badass. I do have to take a drug test though...cause im switching from part time to full time, but im pretty sure ill pass (its just the mouth swab test....Listerine, here i come!). The only bad thing, you ask? I have to work 1pm mon-fri.....

    4am....that means i have to wake up at 3 30am....that means i have to go to bed at 7 30pm every night JUST to get 8 hours of sleep....Ug....This is gonna be terribly amazing lol.

    Sorry for the pointless thread, i was just super stoked about possibly getting a full time job!!
  2. Who needs sleep?

    Good Luck...
  3. are you sure mouthwash is gonna do the trick?
  4. Yeah, it was kinda funny cause my friend got a job there pry 3 months ago now, and we were tokin it up at my house and they called, mid hit, and asked if he could come in for an interview in 4 hours lol. I was pretty sure they wouldn't test him on the 1st interview, but he was hella paranoid so he drained half of my Listerine. he got there and they made him take a test and he passed. So i HOPE it wasn't a fluke lol.
  5. Got bed a 3 and wake at 11, that way you we still be on a schedule to chill on the weekends.
  6. Yeah, just sleep after work and your problem's solved.
  7. I dunno, I tried using listerine to pass a saliva test for probation and I guess I failed it.
  8. i usually work from 5-11pm, and thats what i do. i might be up for 1-2 hours after work, but then im passin out.

    but then i wake up at 12ish, and dont got work til 5.

    cept for today cuz its MY DAY OFF! YEE
  9. If you use mouthwash for about 30-45 minutes directly before the mouth swab test...... you should definitely pass.. Maybe an hour if you're truly that paranoid, but you'll be good with half an hour of having mouth wash in your mouth.

    A friend of mine did this for a probation test and passed..

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