Good news for indiana!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Grizmoblust, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Indiana Governor Signs Bill Allowing Citizens To Use Deadly Force Against Police Officers Into Law.

  2. I like the excuse: "More people are going to die. If you would just let the police come in and do what they want, then you'll be safe."

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    That is a real objective mission statement, surely there is no conflict of interest in reporting the truth. :rolleyes:

    How will they spin this to make it into a bad thing?

    You can't shoot back at cops, why the entire police force will be dead by the end of next week. Fucking Republicans :mad: :laughing:

    Right Left paradigm, you never fail to amuse me.
  4. not too shabby mitch daniels
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    If you make it legal to kill police (even though that's been legal since the start) in a break-in scenario, and the opposition of that bill thinks it means police will be slaughtered in droves, it's really telling of their true goals, and what the police's true intentions are.

    Tell them the same thing they tell us when they pass violations of the Constitution. "If you aren't doing anything wrong, what are you worried about?"
  6. I kinda like this.

    A lot of situations come down to... do exactly what the cop says or you get physically hurt/forced into doing whatever..
    But if you're on MY fucking property i have a massive problem with that.

    Maybe that makes me a terrorist.
  7. +1 Indiana
  8. I second lilro's idea, reverse psychology.

    If the cops aren't doing anything wrong then what do they have to worry about. :p
  9. Indiana is looking like a really fantastic state right now! Big +1 for freedom. The right to defend your property from invading swine.:hello::yay::hello::yay:

    Wonder if it would be wrong to make a trail of donuts from outside, leading through your door, then once they come squealing through the entrance blam! Right to the back of the head, "honey, looks like we're gonna have us some pulled pork tonight!" :laughing:
  10. Really?

    This is exactly what people are worried about. I realize it was a joke and support this bill but thats too much.


  12. Fuck that!
    If cops have "no obligation" to protect the citizens anyway, they have ABSOLUTELY no right to enter my house without my explicit permission.

    Warren v. District of Columbia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. Just because 1 cop or even 1thousand cops or 10 thousand cops are corrupt doesnt mean they all are. To be completely honest every cop in my town is cool with me, I needed the consent of our town sherrif to buy a pistol and i got it. Ive never really been in trouble with the police.

    Im sorry if your town is full of corrupt cops but around here they take care of us.

    Come to MA and ill smoke you up! :smoke:

    And if you are breaking the law they absolutely have the right to enter your house.
  14. You need police consent to buy a pistol in MA? Sheesh and I thought CA had it bad. SMH.
    And when you're smoking up, you think it's ok for the police to just kick down your door? MA doesn't have MMJ does it?
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    Yes you do. Not so much consent as a reccomendation. It was a pain in the ass to get my pistols.

    And though i do not neccasarily agree with marijuana laws, Doesnt mean its still not against the law. And no not yet to MA medical, the people want it and the state is on the verge of having it though.

    As much as it hurts me to say this.

    Yes i do think its ohkay. Its still a law. I smoke in my house everyday but not right in front of a window that a cop might see in.
  16. We've had this law in Texas for decades. And cops aren't dropping like flies, they just know to treat gun owners and private property with respect. They treat everybody else like crap.
  17. Police do occasionally abuse their powers, and we shouldn't necessarily be subject to having to accept what they do as the final word. But that's why the courts are there and evidence can be ruled inadmissible in court + you can sue the police department if you feel they violated your rights. This seems like someone who is ignorant of the laws and "feels" that the cop is in the wrong, regardless of what is actually abiding by the law, can just shoot a cop for trespassing now. Very few people are legal experts, so the rest of us just get to use our discretion for what we think is legally okay regardless of what is or isn't legal?

  18. Holy fuck, that's ridiculous! Someone needs to sue the school, that's total bullshit. How can a public institution expel a student for posting a non-threatening message at 230am from their home computer for using the F bomb a few times??? If you used it in school, it seems like detention or a verbal reprimand would be the furthest action you can really take... So how is posting it online WORSE?

  19. :confused_2:

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