good news, blades.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by FiveOnIt, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. i'm finally happy with myself. as you guys noticed, i've had sooo many women problems. i decided i'd take a break, stop tryin' to find someone to spend time with. and now, i'm happy with who i am. i cut ties with my cheating ex, dumb beyotch, i've made a lot more new friends (both male and female), i got a raise at work, and i can actually smile all the time now! <3 you gc, thanks for the advice!
  2. Happy to hear that :D Let me smoke a fat blunt for you.
  3. Good vibes my man, keep it goin', life's too short for all that drama.
  4. thats great man.
  5. Congratulations! Just let the women come to you
  6. Hell yes dude. Just live for yourself for a while.

    Let's go skiing.
  7. Good to hear that man, hope I'll be in the same situation soon.
  8. cool..happy for you...*wheres the joint? man the rotation is shot to shit! AGAIN!*.....:smoke:
  9. Congratulations! :hello:

    *lights joint...puff...puff :smoking: passes to the left*
  10. thanks guys! i love you alll <3 ! and fuck ya - let's go skiiing!!
  11. I know exactly how you feel bro. I can only hope for everyone to find that happiness. I am glad that you're happy, keep it going. Peace.
  12. Gratz bro! I too have just pulled my life back around and all's looking up.
  13. one piece of advice for you all - you cannot be happy in a relationship until you are happy with who you are.

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