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  1. Hey everyone, it's been a while since I did an update so I thought I'd inform you all about what's been happening. For one I had 2 females but the one that looked like she was gonna be a beast didn't make it - her roots ran out of room :( There was nothing I could do, and I did everything I could possibly do to try and fix it but after a while i realized it was the roots. The pot turned out to be way smaller than the size I thought it was. Thought it was 5 gallons, actually is 3. My other plant seems to have plenty of room tho and her pot does look a lil bigger than the other, so I think that one is actually 5 gallons. The bushy one was a pure Indica too. I'm still sad I lost her. I still have my Mango Kush tho, and actually found some legit info on some growing tips for it. Like for one lol, how the flowering time is actually 9-11 weeks, not 7-9 weeks. It also has a Sativa dominate vegetation growth, but the bud production and cannabinoids are Indica dominant. Making it an awesome 70% Indica 30% Sativa hybrid. Although some phenotypes have a lil extra 5% in the Sativa genetics. I was also stressing goin by the 7-9 week flowering time thinkin there's no way she'll be done in a couple weeks, and if she is then the yield and quality will be a disappointment. But with that new, also real n legit information I am so relieved lol. So now she got 3-5 weeks to go. Oh yeah and I had to move, so I had to bring my plants with me lol. But during the move my darling Mango got a bent stem on the main cola :eek: It was nothing serious at all tho, she just took a few days off to heal lol. Three to be exact. I had a good support for her too so she healed pretty quick. Zero spots got discolored too! I'm proud of that save lol. I'm gettin better guys just bare with me lol, just goin thru some thangs right now lol. Anyway here's my lovely Mango Kush, the last pic will be the bushy one I had that didn't make it... I'll also explain a lil bit in between the pics to give y'all an idea on the situation lol....
    This pic is the section right above the branches that are at the very bottom of the plant. She stretched like a foot in the first week of flowering! Like for real, no bullshit lol. Here's her beautiful top!!!
    This one is from 2 days ago, but shows a lot of detail. It's also one of very few where you can see all the trichomes like that. Since I only got that one plant now I've only been using one LED grow light. I watered her yesterday and misted her real good and while she was healing, I sprayed her a couple times with my flowers kiss foliar food. Just to help speed the healing up. That fertilizer has great healing properties. I haven't over fed or over watered my Mango Kush once. I had to put her in flowering early cuz my bushy one matured out vegging so quick. Mango was only a week younger but a lot smaller. It's crazy how small my Mango was at the start of flowering but after that first week, she shot up! She didn't show signs of gender til about 2 weeks in, but I could tell my bushy one was female within the first week. That's just the Sativa genetics making it take longer to flower, also why she stretched like that when put in flowering. Anyway, sorry for talking y'alls heads off lol, here's that bushy one I had..... very sad.... lol...
    That's one lesson I learned for sure, make sure your container is big enough!!! Man I can't wait to get started on my next grow lol... got a lot to take care of before that one tho!
  2. how far is the light from the plant ?
  3. It's about 6 inches from the top of my plant. From the light to the soil is 3 ft and it can induce photosynthesis 3 ft away. The top housing on the light panel is the only part that gets hot so if a plant did touch the lights it wouldn't get burnt. I'm pretty sure it's from GrowStar or somethin like that lol

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