Good music to trip to?

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  1. Just trying to broaden my... uhh horizons i guess. I already like Bob Marley (rip), KMK, sublime, typical stoner stuff. Anyone out there found anything good?
  2. Radiohead is my standard for tripping.

    The Verve is also great tripping, especially their first two albums.
  3. Tool

    The Mars Volta

    Dream Theater
  4. Funkadelic and Neil Young are my favorite bands to trip to.
  5. Bleezie King knows wassup.

    The Mars Volta
    Dream Theater

    But I have a few more I like to listen to..I listen to everything

    The Beatles
    The Doors
    Jimi Hendrix
    Bob Dylan
    Infected Mushroom
    Pink Floyd
    Led Zeppelin
    Black Sabbath
    Children of Bodom
    Lamb of God
    Bay Area Rap.

    Pretty much everything that is sick
  6. I like to trip to:

    Pink Floyyd
    Strapping Young Lad
    Sigur Ros

    And a few more, not that experienced to really hold a massive collection of high songs D:
  7. 311, pink floyd, infected mushroom
  8. Gary Wilson if you want it to be intense
  9. 311-Amber is really fucking good! Any Sublime song espcally KRS One.Lupe Fiasco is pretty good 2.Blind Melon. Alice in Chains.The Beatles,Coheed and Cambria. So many try those on for size.
  10. depends on your substance. I'm pretty well versed in all forms of electronic, and I feel that unless you're in the mood for more of an old school-feeling "communion-inspiring" trip (in which case go classic rock all the way) you should go electronic cause there are genres literally made due to how it sounds on a certain drug. In terms of the trip:

    Ecstasy - Poppy, more clubstyle tends to slam way harder with rolls--recommend Transwave, Violet Vision, anything oldstyle late 90s-early 2000s (both trance and breakbeat)

    Shrooms - Infected Mushroom might as well be a prerequisite. More of a Psychadelic, complex vibe to encourage brain activity/visuals. Try Shpongle, Oforia, The Zap!, Astral Projection (a little older sounding/more repetitive, but he's the original!)

    Acid - Acid has completely wrecked me a couple times, so I'd steer clear of the Oforia/Infected Mushroom. Try Angel Tears, Violet Vision, Talamasca, B.Wicked, the Life Is... albums from BNE...trance can work, but I've seen many a manic acidtrance-inspired acid freakout :(

    Hope this helps! I'm sorta stuck genre wise haha... DJing has killed my aural versatility.

    -Swerd Murd
  11. Neutral Milk Hotel
    Sonic Youth
    Bob Dylan (Especially Highway 61 Revisited)
    The Beatles
    The Flaming Lips (Yoshimi Battles The Evil Pink Robots)
    Jefferson Airplane
    Modest Mouse

    All of these bands are great to trip out to
  12. yeah, Radiohead most def is trippy to listen to, especially the entire Kid A album.
  13. Thanks everyone =]
  14. That helps alot man, thanks! I gave you a rep thingy cuz of all the info. Its obvious you know your shit man.
  15. anyone got any good rap songs to blaze to??
  16. Hmmm..

    Get high - Young buck

    Smoking song - lil wyte

    Proud to be a stoner - KMK

    Im so high - Styles P and T pain____A favorite =]

    Get high - Lil wyte

    Im so high - Tony yayo

    I dunno, theres a bunch of smoking songs for rappers. Peace man

  17. thanks man... already loving some of them
  18. Dude best album hands down to trip to, just the entire length of the album, is Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot (Album) by The Flaming Lips. One of the most beautiful and atmospheric albums ever, well at least in the past 20 years haha. It just completely sets the mood through the music, and has so many overlapping synths, rhythms and tones that make your mind just have an orgasm when you're tripping balls hahah. Of course, It would help if you liked this type of psychedelic synthesized indie band music hahah
  19. dead meadow.
  20. radiohead - how to disappear completely

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