Good movies to watch. High

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  1. The grand daddy of stoner films . Reefer Madness , the colorized version . It has a long blah- blah disclaimer , so skip that part .
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  2. Rec users r cute.
  3. The Trap with Mike Epps and TI
  4. Sidekicks
    Surviving the game
    Last action hero
    Lethal weapon 1,2,3
    die hard 3
    out for justice
    under siege
    the specialist
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  5. Caddyshack.
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  6. I think that you should mention, that you're talking about the 1930's exploitation film, "Tell Your Children", which was also known as Reefer Madness. This film is unintentionally funny, and was not meant to be a stoner film. There was a musical parody of RM in 1998, a stage play, that was made into a film in 2005, but I have not seen this.
  7. humm, how about> "The Man that Killed Hitler, and then Big Foot"
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  8. Oh, Oh, Oh, "Joe Dirt" , yes, Joe Dirt, is a got too
  9. National Security

    The Other Guys

    21 Jump Street

    22 Jump Street
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  10. Mystery Science Theatre 3000
    specifically the 'Space Mutiny', 'Boggy Creek' and 'Squirm' episodes
  11. here, watch this high, do not watch it straight. it's too f'ed up to watch straight!

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    Just. Watch. This. (Stoned). NSFW trailer (for "The Greasy Strangler"):
  13. OK, welcome to Woop Woop.
    I have seen this one twice, I like it. but I don't need to see it again for a few years.
    if you do not know who the girl's father is, you have not been alive long.

  14. Harold and Kumar series is pretty funny. Pineapple express, this is the end, 21st and 22nd jump street, hangover series, are also all good. Deadpool is also good to watch stoned.
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  15. Stoner movie.
  16. Lol would you like some greasy grapefruit
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  17. The coneheads
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    The Magic Christian, A Boy and His Dog, The Full Monty

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