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Discussion in 'General' started by the rainman!, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. wifes got to work a 8to8 to day my friend bad taod has a doctors visit at two!i got up early to help get everyone off in time! coffies makeing and i am a wake so far today ,i kicked up the computer before i got my coffie and the day begains ive been up from about 5:45 whent to bed at 2:45 a good nights sleep for me! how is your day starting and are you wake and alive! go morning world how are ya ! birth of the woundering sun,good morning world how are ya !be sure to say good morning back to me! be sure to say good morning back to meee! , hows your day wakeing up fellow stoners?tazz11
  2. and yes i only sleep 3 hrs a night! and have all my life! unless i am on the sleeping bill and that dont happen if i can help it! i do take naps not more then 1 hr and not all the time! i ask you whats good about liveing to 75 if your only a wake half the time? i make it count! good morning!
  3. Sheesh, been wake for about 9 hours. I usually get up at 6:45 unless my eyes can't open *usually happens on mondays=today*. I haven't taken a nap unless u consider a nap looking at the teacher with open eyes without listening much & dreaming awake.

    Maybe it's not rendible sleeping at all... but hey, I love when I don't have to listen to my alarm... independently to sleeping a lot or not. I chose not to listen to any alarm & I wake up with the radio... that's why I am more relaxed & I am always late!
  4. well good monring ya the radio music is batter than a buzzer !my built in clockin my head wont let me sleep it tell me just when to get up within 5 mins of the time always! it took many years to tran myself this way but i love it i awake 20 hrs a day i dont no night from day sleep wise and i do lots of work at night why the world sleeps and dreams of what they could do the next day iam all ready doing it!good luck and its good to see you posting! tazz11
  5. I wake up every morning around 5:50 unless I am extremely hungover. Must be something to do with the sunlight because in the winter, it gets harder and harder to get up at that time. But come summer, I am usually up easier and earlier. got to be the sunshine..........
  6. i like it in the early monring the world sleeps as the witch plays! and yes the sun rise has melted a few of my friends man! lol
  7. I'm always up by 5am gone by 6am. I'm alot like you Tazz, i only get about 5 hrs sleep at the most. Thats about all i need. Good morning, after noon and a early good night Tazz and everyone.
  8. high bud head i would have anwserd sooner but the phones were out for 5hrs i dont know why yet but i am glad there back!did you just hear critter she going in to spring and we get winter this sucks ! i love the sping time flowers ! i got like a lot of them all around my home! shes luck to day enjoy critter ! we could realy enjoy some spring time storys and would love for ya to talk about what your spring is like there ! man this sucks! tazz11
  9. Mmm.. Lucky you Critter! Winter hasn't even started yet but I can feel its freezing presence.

    I don't like sleeping just a bit, for I am a dreamer, but that's what I'll have to do soon *red alarm: exams approaching*.

    It's well-known we have to sleep. We don't know yet why, but scientists say we couldn't live without sleeping. So well, remember to sleep & dream!

    Huh, even though I am pro-sleeping & Spanish, I'd like to point not all Spaniards are like me ;) All about naps are topics.

    *Passes rainman a pair of red high-heel shoes* They may protect you from vanishing with the sunrise, hehe
  10. i put my faith in god, pluse reds not my color black is!hehe
  11. Good morning to Tazz11 and everyone.

    Have a great day!
  12. you to man! no hugen man!lol

  13. Huh, then I take back my red shoes! :p I can appreciate their value!

    BTW... My alarm didn't buzz today.. :rolleyes:
  14. your alarm didnt buzz but did you!you dont have a wipe their do ya?i went to bed at 4:00 and got up at 7:00 ,i dont got any alarm other that my timer in my head! but i havent herd my head buzz !yet

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