good morning everyone!!

Discussion in 'General' started by dave1, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. hows everyones morning going? waht are u up to? i just woke up an hour ago after a heavy night of smoking good hash and surprisingly enough i dont have a "stone-over" i in fact i feell very well rested so i got up got, grabbed some cereal had a joint and a coffee and now im back in bed on grasscity! haha its only 9:30 and have the whole day free to myself for once.:hello:

    im hoping to get some study done for my repeats, then just chill smoke up and work on a art portfolio for college. :D

    hope everyones mornings going well.:smoke::smoke:

    peace dave.
  2. Good morning dave :wave:

    I am just chilling here, writing music. :smoke:

    Going to a party tonight :D
  3. Good morning sir.. It's 3:45 am over here and I'm piss drunk :)..
  4. hahaha enjoy the hang over dude!:D:p
  5. I'll live it up now and regret it later.. WHOO!!

    Gatorade always fixes a hangover.. And after a hangover, I always feel fresh.. It's my meditation lol
  6. I am gonna have a killer hangover tomorrow, boys and i are getting a 60 of vodka or rum tonight :D
  7. It's 2:01am I'm n bed about to knockout

  8. a bowl or 2 should help a little!:smoke:. i would go with the vodka:D.
    enjoy dude.

  9. dont let the bed bugs bite hahahaha;)
  10. Vodka? I'm a whiskey man lol.. But that's only because I had a horrible time passing out in a tub with puke all around me after a night of vodka.

    I do enjoy some rum though.. It's like vodka's better brother.
  11. shit got real bucky last night
  12. It's 7:30am and I've been awake since 11pm. Hopefully I can make it through the rest of the day and start sleeping normally again. I'll probably get bored and fall asleep though.
  13. 7:42 a.m. and been at work since 5:45

    goin good so far, looking forward to that post-work bowl/dump

    today marks day one no alcohol (been drinking everyday since June 8th 2010, and yes, i remember that date for a reason)

    its gonna be different but i hope to better myself, get onto shape and save money.

    hope everyone has a good morning!
  14. 8 here , just got back from 6 30 soccer conditioning .

    wish I could smoke but have another training later :/

  15. good to hear that you are dong well.

  16. why not smoke before training?? haha :D;)
  17. [quote name='"dave1"']

    why not smoke before training?? haha :D;)[/quote]

    cause running high or burnt out fucking sucks .
  18. top of the morning to ya.
    just smoked a bowl. now making coffee.
  19. 8:30 am and just crawling into bed after a long nights work, so I'm gonna good night lol.
  20. Really bad, I have no bud and my dealer is giving me the run around...I can feel this is gonna go on for a few days.

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