Good Morning Blades

Discussion in 'General' started by Not Yellow, May 30, 2009.

  1. Just smoked about half of a bowl of some dank. Nothing in my opinion better than starting the day off by watching the world come alive while being high.

    How are all you other blades on this beautiful Saturday morning?
  2. Woke up, rolled a j of purp then walked my dog smoking it. Came home and made breakfast for my girlfriend. Great day outside :)
  3. word smoking a bowl now, blastin music to get the family up:) then headin out to my lil bros graduation.
  4. Nice day.

    Went out to skate with some friends, instead of doing important stuff. Chilled at some garage sales.
  5. Hottest day here in Glasgow this year I think, 29c, after work I smoked a j with my bro and went to play guitar in the park :)

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