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  1. Any good MMORPG's? I'm more of a console gamer really, but I've been wanting to give PC gaming a try again.
    I've already played Runescape and WoW (spent my whole summer on it).
    I just need games I can enjoy while stoned. 😏
  2. Come join me on FF14 ;) Tons of Fun! 
  3. im having tons of fun playing the ESO beta
  4. How is it so far? looking promising?
  5. yup the pvp and dungeons are awesome, I preorderd it on GMG for 25% off
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    Not an MMORPG, but a PC game suggestion: Rust. 
    I've been playing it like crazy for the past few weeks. It's this (somewhat hard) survival game. It's multiplayer, and almost forces people to team up because this game is so hard alone lol. 
    It has some downsides, like other players usually kill on sight on larger populated servers, but there are a bunch of community friendly ones. 

    Rust is in  Alpha mode, meaning they're not complete yet. But in a way that's great, the community can help suggest improvements, 
  7. Ultima Online..... but you would have to travel back to 1998 for that. :D
    Since then hasn't been a single good MMO.  A couple attempted to re create but failed miserably.
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  9. Ultima online servers are still up i believe. But really old and dying game. Since wow killed UO and SWG, there have not been any good mmos.

    A few tried to bring back the genra. Darkfail. Mortal.

    I been meaning to try darkfail 2, but idk. UO spoiled me, and no mmo even comes close anymore

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  10. Just a shiny version of wow. Its not reall an mmorpg, its just an mmo

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  11. LOTRO is pretty god damn entertaining. 
  12. so is DayZ but I don't think that would be classified as a MMORPG.
  13. my friend tried to get me to play that. I havnt checked it out yet but it sounds cool

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  14. I forgot all about LOTRO! I might just play that.
    It's pretty awesome, once you get past the learning curve and the glitchyness (it's still in Alpha). We could start a GC survival crew!
    Play on Silverlode server and I'll add ya! :)
    nothing like wow dude wut, don't believe everything on the internet. Only thing taken from wow is the holy trinity and even then WoW didn't even that.
  17. Idk man. I watched my friend playing. It looks like same genra as wow. Nothing like a real mmo like UO

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  18. Guild Wars 2 was really fun for awhile, very active and helpful community, and theres so much to do that getting your character to max level doesn't even feel like a grind....but then I got absorbed into Civ5 and well....time just escapes
  19. I had a pretty good time playing ESO, definitely sold me on it despite the bugs.
    Another option is Wildstar, I missed the open beta because I just heard about it... but it looks really good and has earned high praise thus far. May-June seems to be the speculated release. You don't even have to pay a real money subscription if you don't want to which I think is a great idea and will probably catch on in future games and maybe even in ESO later.
  20. Gw2 is really fun. I play that a lot with my roommate.

    What I'm really into now though is ff14. Amazing looking game and the community is nice.

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