good mini split???

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  1. i have seen excel air systems compact 12,000 btu for $2700 but is there anything more reasonable? under $1000
  2. The cheapest way to go not to grow in the summer...........
  3. ....I use one similar to this >>> [ame=] SPT WA-1140DE Dual-Hose 11,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control: Home & Garden[/ame]

  4. thanks cpt. obvious

  5. ...out the chimney! ;):D:wave:

  6. ...I use co2 via a propane burner, and a monitor....I keep my ppm @ 1500 while the lights are on only and I vent the room during all sleep hours.
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    That is a horrible recommendation, jokingly or not.

    Eventually someone will go sticking their exhaust in their oil burner flue, and when they neglect to service it they will either CO poison their entire family or cause a fire.

    As for the original question, I am not aware of any mini splits for under $2500. They all require both an indoor and outdoor unit (costly regardless of how it is made). Not to mention installation costs, you still need to mount the indoor unit, wire it, set the pad for the outdoor unit, wire that, and run the lines.

    If you want a cheap unit, get a window unit or portable AC.

  8. ...dude, stfu! ....foreal!
  9. Your absolutely right, I should keep information that might prevent a poor soul from destroying his home/killing his family to myself.

    I apologize for hijacking your thread to offer some helpful and hopefully preventative information, please continue.
  10. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    ...well, before you start baffling bullshit you should reconsider your approach. I own my home, I'll blow the mother fucker up if I want to. Let me fuck this duck, you count the quacks. I do this.
  11. A recycling AC that has both intake and exhaust. I have a 14,000 btu AC that keeps a 17x12' closed room running co2 tanks at 88 degrees with no problem I think I paid $550 on Amazon.. It is vented outside, but I recommend a carbon filter in the exhaust line.

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