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Good Mids/Low Dank?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by n4ru, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. I got an eight and a dime of high mids off of a good friend for 2 great/clean E pills (cost me $20) and $10. I'm interested if I got a good deal and if the bud is good. I was told that they were supposed to be some kind of kind bud quality kush but were grown poorly, and considered it poor dank. Had a decent amount of stems.

    (6/10) Smokes nicely, half the dime on 2.5 heads (other friend took a few pulls) got me about 6 or 7/10 on the high scale. Nothing unique in the high, though. Smoked it at 6PM and I'm coming down right about now, so almost 3 hours isn't that bad, a reason I actually like mids. Can still get stuff done on it and doesn't last too long. Definitely noticeable that it isn't something dank, but not bad either.

    (5/10) Smells average. Clearly not dank, but doesn't smell like it was high mids, maybe above average mid smell. Definitely not shwag or regs smell, but doesn't smell too strong or fill the room.

    (7/10) Feels sticky. Not as sticky as chronic, but if you felt it you'd think it was low quality dank. Took my grinder some work to get through it.

    (7/10) Looks above average. Some nice orange hairs can be seen, little amount of crystals. Not sure yet if it contains lots of kief.

    Overall looks like decent bud. Feels like low dank, smokes like mids, and price was really good.

    Pictures (eighth and half a dime). My apologies for the low quality closeups.






  2. Looks like your average mids to me.
  3. It's the poop man
  4. looks like a straight deal to me

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