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  1. BOOM goes the dynamite!
  2. thanks for the vid man...very interesting
  3. I've been buying into his idea lately. I feel like I can use this thought process to answer a lot of questions that I come up with. Very interesting idea, and check out his other videos, I've been eating them up.

    I'd like to know what other people think of his ideas and theories. I can't bring my self to bringing myself to ask other people with out sounding crazy:rolleyes:
  4. Holy fuck.

    1. We are definatly smarter than monkeys

    2. I sort of feel like throwing up

    3. That video showed me that I can do anything and that anything is possible, its all there in the 10th demension. I'm gonna go fuck bitches.
  5. Definitely seen this before mad stoned and was able to understand it all. Even remember the majority of what each dimension represents, just a bit off on the 7-9 dimensions though. Anyway this is an amazing theory and I definitely believe
  6. i believe we are here because we cannot not be here. if there is a "God" it isnt the almighty concious creator of all. it is the random anomoly that had to happen in nothing for there to be something, which caused everything
  7. Hawking says that within M-theory, something arises from absolutely nothing through natural processes over extreme spans of time. Do I understand how? Fuck no.
  8. Awesome video!

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