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good, low maintenance outdoor strains?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by bizzarozaroland, May 26, 2008.

  1. hey blades,
    I kinda want to start growing. Not growing + selling to make a profit, but I just want to raise a couple plants to call my own. What are some good strains that I can just throw in the ground [this is the right time of year] and water every so often, and just let the plant grow itself? [and hopefully still flower :smoke:]. Im looking for a low maintenance strain that I can grow like a regular plant, none of that pH or nutrition / artificial stuff.

  2. One of lowlifes auto-flowering strains? Auto AK47 perhaps for a good sativa.
  3. no dont get a auto strain..

    You dont check Ph for outdoor plants..rain does it naturally..

    And all most plants need is a watering here and there when needed and plenty of sunlight and ur golden
  4. Why not get an auto strain?

    I've never grown but I've looked into it and I see a few advantages over normal strains.

    -Low height (2 feet max -- good for guerilla growing)
    -From seed to harvest quicker (about 70 days)
    -Typically more versatile and easier to manage

    With the Auto AK47 you can get a couple oz per plant of some really potent stuff.. and if you're not selling and using for personal use that is a lot, especially if you have multiple plants.
  5. Northern Lights. Real easy to grow anywhere.
  6. well i mean i dont think its worthit to get an autostrain when you can just grow anyother plant and get twice as much..just takes longer i think there only good for indoors for size problems..i dont know thoe i think i mite get the auto AK47 and try it out.
  7. Yeah, I agree.
  8. hashberry
  9. I'm looking to do the same exact thing, I want a few plants to produce around an ounce or so. What's the most inexpensive/best quality small plant with the best high? And I need a reliable place to order it from. any suggestions?

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