Good lights for beginning closet grow?

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  1. so, I'm starting to grow, have no reasonable lighting right now. Planning on growing max 4 plants at a time in most likely something close to a 2x4 or 3x3 space. Want to run LEDs as my main source because makes the most sense in the long run, but don't really know what to look for in lighting. I will probably have a budget of 200$ or so MAX just for the lighting, but I would still like to get this as cheap as possible because I'm working off a college student budget. Suggestions? Also, I'm interested in combining LED with HPS, any suggestions?
  2. 200? Go hps/mh combo kit. You won't get a quality led for 200. 400-600watt.
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  3. I myself am on a budget also and i orderd 20x cree 2520 for 100 usd.
    I will run them at 700 ma so 25 watts x20 = 500 watts. Their max is 1250ma so im not sure if 700ma is on the high side.
    Orderd 3 HLG-185H-C700A wich can run 7 of these cobs per 1 power supply. These cost me 150 usd for 3.
    so 20x cxa2520 and the 3 drivers is already 250 usd, and then ii still need heatsinks and screws and wiring etc.
    And this is very budget build, you could use cheap chinese drivers and save money but i think the meanwell drivers are worth their money.
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  4. Hmm. 2× Mars hydro 300. You can get a maxisun 300 watt with dimmability for 98 and the same from viparspectra but at 120. By the looks of the spectrum from the mars its great for flowering but there is other lights that are better for vegging like the viparspectra.
  5. 2x mars hydro 300 would give him a total of 264 watts from the wall, i dont know about the efficiancy for those lights, but i dont think it will be very high. These will cost him 130 usd.
    I think for a little more money a cheap make it yourself cob setup would be better.
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  7. I found this really handy and easy to follow free grow closet manual instructions. Excluding lights you can build it for roughly $360. Worth checking out, and they have a YouTube channel too with vids to follow. Good luck with the growing dude.
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  8. I'll take a 400w hid over this chinese bottom bin led light any day of the week. Do a side by side and I guarantee you'll change your mind on this light. It's got no penetration. Anything lower than 8-10" of the top of the canopy will be larf. There is a reason it's 149.00.
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  9. Lol what the hell are you talking about? this thing penetrates all the way to the bottom.

    The original price is $229.00..

    Bottom bin led.. rofl Do you even know anyone that uses this light? I bet you don't.
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  10. He is correct. Those lights are indeed very low end lights. 1 per plant kind of lights.
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  11. You think what you want. I looked into that light. There's a video on YouTube took a brand new one out of the box and already had 2 diodes out. What's your par reading at 12" directly under the light? And then again at 18"? That light is no better than a mars or viparspecta. Prolly worse. But if you like it that's all that matters for you. But others that don't know the difference between a bottom bin diode and a top bin diode will listen to you and end up with a light that's not that great. Quantum boards and cobs are good leds. Diodes are used to supplement certain spectrums for flower or veg with the cobs and boards. Mostly in the deep red spectrum. Some blue too but not many lights made for veg only. Think it's in the 790nm area for red and 480ish maybe for blue. But diodes give low penetration. It's just a simple fact. Can't change that.
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  12. I have a par 600 viper spectra and its a kick ass LED light, use it to veg clones and usually have 5 to 8 plants under it and it does wonders IMG_0131.JPG
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  13. Lol i like how the two people trashing my light grow autos..
  14. They do well for single plants.. or even two per plant... 3 would work nicely in a 4x2 with two plants... not the most efficient lights but they also only cost 50 cents a watt lol... good growers can easily hit .8-1g a watt with blurples.

    Grow journal
  15. I like how the noob defending this light is growing 6 plants under 1 "600w" light. Scrub
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  16. Hope that wasnt directed at me lol im far from a newbie IMG_0138[1].JPG
  17. and im vegging 5 under a 600w LED and they are doing great pic form tonite 600w Par viper IMG_0142.JPG
  18. it does just fine. This light was actually causing me light burn at the suggested 24" height and i had to raise it to 30" from the canopy, and im still getting very good flower growth. Its much better than a bloomspect or higrow. From what im seeing, this light really is roughly equal in intensity to a 600w hps.
  19. Nah the other noob lol. ;)

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