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Good Karma

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr.Redeye, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. I must say I have been in a great mood the past couple of days. school ended early for me because I only had to write one exam, got a new girl (she doesn't smoke herself, but she has no problem with me toking), and it just seems that things are going my way.

    two nights ago I was walking home from a friend's house, and realized there was a car slowly following me. To my horror I turned around to see a cop car. The dude said "hey, how are you tonight?", I thought he said "what are you doing?", I said I was going home and he repeated his quetsion. If he hadn't have already been looking for some other person that night, I'm sure he would have hassled me more, and perhaps found the homemade bong in my backpack. But he left after giving me an evil eye... phew!

    last night, I came in the house stoned as fuck and I had to be stinking of weed, what with the bongs I smoked and the quad in my pocket. Mom sits me down and descides to have a talk. She realizes I'm high, and somehow I manage to get the balls, look her square in the eye with my red fuckin eyes, and say I'm not high. I know she didn't believe me but she sent me to bed. Woke up this morning, rubbed my eyes really hard, basically said "Look ma, eyes are red, must be alergies", and she believed me! Rents are off my back! and I might have an excuse to buy visine for next time. And last night, I tested out the quad I bought, and the shit is nice quality! Worth the $60.
  2. good for you. it's always nice to see something goin good for a fellow stoner. it's crazy ,man.
  3. Make the most of it while ya can my friend :D

    Shit will happen soon enough ,lol.

    Have a fantastic day ya,all :D
  4. Close calls are all part the lifestyle. Hope the luck follows you in the future. Enjoy that dank.
  5. karma worked for me today too,

    found 40 bucks (20 on the street, and 20 in my golf bag that wasnt mine)

    plus im gettin a new car soon, a honda CRV, its a lil suv with alotta room, im stoked for that


  6. thats funny shit man. on a side note i see you got the phazer as your avatar. you got one? if you do how do you like it.. i was thinking about getting one

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