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  1. I don't really know where to post this, but I guess the general section is good for that?

    Anyway, I was wondering what your last good / bad deed was and if you noticed anything good or bad coming out of it?

    Mine was giving a homeless guy all my spare change, and treating him like a human being ( which I guess doesn't happen very often). Nothing really happened, but I'm sure karma's got my back and hopefully it made his day a little better.

    So, let's hear some of your good / evil deeds :smoke:
  2. Karma is so fundamentally bullshit its not even funny.

    At its premise, all good actions and all avoiding of bad actions is completely based upon self interest. You only do good things to get good things and avoid bad things to not get bad things.
  3. Lmao @ people believing karma is real..
  4. I believe in karma...
  5. Karma is the truth.
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    George Price: the counter example to Karma. A good human being punished for being so.

    Helping the homeless

    Unable to accept the selfish reasoning for kindness found in his own mathematical theory of altruism[citation needed] Price began showing an ever increasing amount (in both quality and quantity) of random kindness to complete strangers. As such Price dedicated the latter part of his life to helping the homeless, often inviting homeless people to live in his house. Sometimes, when the people in his house became a distraction, he slept in his office at the Galton Laboratory. He also gave up everything to help alcoholics, yet as he helped them they stole his belongings causing him to fall into depression.[citation needed]
    He was eventually thrown out of his rented house due to a construction project in the area, which made him unhappy because he could no longer provide housing for the homeless. He moved to various squats in the North London area, and became depressed over Christmas, 1974.[citation needed]

    Price committed suicide on January 6, 1975, using a pair of nail scissors to cut his own carotid artery. His body was identified by his close colleague Bill Hamilton.[11] Friends said he committed suicide because of despondency over his inability to continue helping the homeless.
    A memorial service was held for Price in Euston (not in a church). The only persons present from academia were Hamilton and Maynard Smith, the other few mourners being those who had come to know him through his community work. He is buried in an unmarked grave in St. Pancras' Cemetery.[12]
  7. The only thing thats real is cause and effect. Do real good for good itself. But don't think doing a silly action in good intent will protect the action from being undermined by its silliness.
  8. This actually wasn't supposed to be a discussion thread about whether karma exists or not.
    If you don't have anything to contribute, please just leave

  9. I'm contributing the fact that this discussion is pointless cause karma doesn't exist.
  10. I don't beileve in anything really but I like doing good deeds because it makes me feel good . I say treat others as you want . Onthe streets I never deny someone bummin a cigarette , I always hold doors for people . If I see an old lady struggling with something I always offer my help .
  11. If that makes you do good things, then so be it. If you genuinely want to help others, all the better.
  12. [quote name='"PlatonicStrtgst"']

    I'm contributing the fact that this discussion is pointless cause karma doesn't exist.[/quote]

    Everyone is entitled to their beileifs weather they are real or not
  13. Whats the point of this? Should you have not said this to your self concerning my beliefs? Cause my response to your response is: "everyone is entitled to their beliefs"
  14. Again, not a discussion.

    Amen brother, seems like the only logical thing to do. Unfortunately not everyone feels this way.
  15. But thats not Karma, thats real morality. Karma is indestinguishable from real morality except for the fact karma is supposed to be altruistic and magical. One who practices "the golden rule" of empathy and one who practices karma will observe perhaps the same results, except one is correct and other other is wrong.

    Treat others how you want to be treated is the only way it works.

  16. It is the only thing to do but its not so because Karma....
  17. How do you do it?
  18. It's like Einstien said. There is no alternative for any of us but to be compassionate and fair to each other. The best way to do that is to treat others how you would like to be treated. There is no opting out.

    Nothing magical about it. Thats what brought humans to where we are now.
  19. So if you made a thread on GC you'd actually want some asshole to go and post stuff that has nothing to contribute to the thread and then bash your beliefs?

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