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Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by ugeman420, May 28, 2003.

  1. this is a funny joke to tell to someone (a guy), when you are baked or something

    -so these three midgets decide they will try to enter the guiness book of records. the first midget goes into the guiness building and he comes back out smiling and says "they let me in for smallest toes!"
    the second midget goes in and he comes back out beaming and says "they let me in for smallest fingers"
    so the last midget goes "i'm gonna try to go in for smallest penis!" and he goes in but comes back out sad and stuff and says "have you ever heard of Bud Head (insert whoever your telling the joke to's name here)
  2. ROFL thats good
  3. wtf that is screwed up..i didnt' put budheads name in there all i said was "put the name of the person who you are telling the joke to in here"... lol then i just looked at it and all of a sudden it says "budhead'... is this a practical joke by the mods or something cuz i can assure you i didnt put that in there, i'll try to edit it lol.
  4. LOL, so if i say some crazy shit some time in the future, it aint really me.

  5. Critter, you crack me up :D
  6. it says budheads name again!!! erhh... i'll edit it one more time... can someone please tell me what is going on?
  7. that shit took me a full 30 seconds to figure that out, I feel dumb, but im stoned, which means, MJ dosnt have any effects speed of brain waves...TRUST ME! duh duh duh duhu duh

  8. ccccccccrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiitttttttteeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr
  9. aha... i knew someone was playing games... lol. peace
  10. that is odd, when a mod edits your post, there isn't a little notice on the bottom of the post... err...:D c
  11. How the fuck did i miss this..

    Ugeman don't look now but you have eaten an asshole pill and it is eating you up!!!!!!lol

    If you think that blaming my name in your post on some one else is going to save your ass.................................your wrong!

    BTW goes to show how much critter loves me!!!!!!![​IMG]


    don't well!!!!!!

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