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Good Joints Vs. Bongs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mattkent420, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. #1 Mattkent420, Mar 13, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 13, 2012
    quick 1 min video of a fattie i rolled.


    personally i think joints are a complete waste of bud.

    but there are those times i could go a joint.
  2. Yea joints are a waste....

    If your poor.

    Just kidding I use my bong when conserving. Its a good idea sometimes
  3. personally im completely against joints, waste of bud and cost to much with the amount you need for a nice one.(this is IMO of course) now blunts on the other hand are nice when youre chillin with some friends
  4. im not saying joints are bad or anything, but i just dont see why you would wasted good bud.

    id only smoke a joint if i was driving places spark n go kinda thing.
  5. I rolled my first joint last night, and it didn't go very well :eek: I mean it was okay but I had to relight it a few times. I would use my bong instead.
  6. for me

    bongs - only at home, whether im home alone or if friends are over. I dont bring my bong out cause its resulted in TOO many broken bongs.

    joints - i guess they are wasteful, but thats a very pessimistic way of looking at it. Joints are great for just chillin, taking ur time and enjoying the process of tokin

    it really depends on what im feelin though..
    if its the day i prefer to spark a J before a long lecture at school rather than a bong hit
    i find bong hits tend to be couch-lockers and make me non productive
  7. well i usually counter the wastefulness because ill either have a few bowls in a night or one joint and maybe hit my 1 hitter before bed. i just prefer the chillness of the joint. just light it once and chill outside. its a lot better than smoking a bowl outside at night to me because i hate the light from the lighter...
  8. hmm, alot of you make some really good points.

    i agree about bongs making you less productive but it depends on what kind of bud your smoking.
  9. this.

  10. i know! it might as well be a fucking spot light... and it really sucks because i dont have a good spot that isnt exposed to the road. its on the side of my house next to the garage (i go out the side door in the garage and chill there).
  11. the light from the lighter at night... is why you prefer joints, seriously?
  12. Goint joints according to the video LMAO
  13. I love rolling joints and I enjoy sitting back and smoking the fruits of my labor, but I usually never have the bud to spare and IMO bongs get you higher on less..way less.

  14. when im outside trying to not get caught? yes its part of the reason. i also prefer joints to bongs because i prefer joints.
  15. ahh, you dont have these problems when you have your own house.
  16. indica, sativa or hybrids...
    smokin it from a bong will generally get you more mellow/couch locked than a J
  17. I usually use bongs to conserve weed and b/c I think the high is better


    When I occasionally buy large ass amounts like 1/4 pounds, I'll smoke a few jays after a few bowls.

  18. I'm guessing you didn't comprehend the reasoning behind that. When you're smoking at night outside (not everyone ALWAYS wants to toke inside.) the constant flicking of the lighter is a pretty obvious give away happy tokers. One light, stays lit and looks like a cig is obvious the safer route...
  19. This is the same as me when i buy an ounce or two.

    or if im cruising in the car with a mate on a nice sunny day with good music
  20. I never had this problem personally my house or otherwise, smoking a bowl outside in NE would be hell anyways. They are both good but I am addicted to the act of holding and smoking something (cigarette addiction makes it worse) so I will roll a joint even if I could conserve with a bowl.

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