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  1. So I'm a former military guy studying to be an IT, can I be am IT and smoke too? It really helps my anxiety and depression. I smoke but I'm a hard worker I just want a good job and smoke in peace.
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  2. thanks for your service. just snother reason why we need to use our votes to end the unconstitutional war on pot
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  3. Yes you can, just stop at your local head shop and pick up some quick fix if it's a mouth swab test which it probably isn't since people don't use those often just use that and you will be perfectly fine!! Good luck to your sir!

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  4. I live in Colorado but I do know that a lot of employers don't want their employees smoking, I just want a decent paying job that will let me smoke at the end of the day.
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  5. I spent 5 years as a EMT and discovered pot in my 30's the last two years I worked in that field. We wouldnt be tested unless we had a wreck but youd better believe I was nervous a time or two about being caught.

    You could start your own business and just not have to worry about testing cause youd be your own boss.

    Thats what my wife and I did after I left EMS...we started a candle company. It takes some time to build up steam but if you're a self starter with money making mindset you can do it.

    even if you've never started anything like that before you be amazed how quickly you learn and develop yourself once you realize you can focus 100% on your own self interest instead of someone elses.

    I strongly recommend watching Shark'll learn alot and it will help get you in the mindset to start thinking in terms of profitability, overhead etc.

    If you're doing IT maybe also tie in cellphone and game console repair.

    even better idea is if you know someone that owns a gaming, card, comic book store that would let you set up in their place and share rent and utilities....itd be a win win for both of you. lower rent and utilites and increased customer volume that will do business with both businesses.

    just some ideas to get the juices flowing.

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  6. If you get an IT job at a college campus, you could get a away with it and no one would know as there is lots of moving around. But it would not be endorsed. The only jobs where people smoke and no one actually cared I have seen is working at a dispensary and some sales positions where performance is only thing that matters.
  7. stoners can have any job, as long as no one knows they smoke
  8. Hell yeah, man!!!!!

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    The best job for a stoner is unemployment.

    It is unfortunately not feasible for most, as living in modern society costs money, and you have to pay your way in life.
    However, optimally speaking, with 24/7 access to high grade weed, organized compulsory labor, as it currently exists on the planet, is not what one should seek.

    The major exception, are people who "work" on something they actually truly love, like a pro surfer or rockstar, who managed to turn their passion into a payable endeavor, while getting stoned wherever and whenever.
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  10. Are you asking if you can smoke while at work, have your coworkers know that you smoke, or if IT jobs drug test? Im former military too (Marine) and I'm actually studying IT too. Im thinking that some companies might but i doubt they would do drug tests after getting the job, unless something happened. At least I hope so, i like to smoke at the end of the day too, to calm me down.
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  11. I'm not sure I agree here at all. Many companies don't regularly drug test. My company does and I've been here for 4 years and make over $23 an hour doing IT work. I've dodged all tests so far.

    OP, yes you have a good chance of an IT career while medicating. You could go into front end development and work for yourself, electronic repair, etc. The mention if starting your own business is good, especially with IT but you may have to supplement with side gigs from time to time at it isn't always guaranteed money this route.

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  12. First off, just got back from my first trip to Denver and goddamn it was tough to leave. Beautiful state.

    To address your question - I'm sure you can have a lucrative IT career and not give up smoking. You may have to jump through a hoop or two like using fake piss.

    I work at City of Chicago Farmer's Markets. It works out great for me because everyone I work with is a hippy. I smoke in my kitchen office, I smoke at the markets and I smoke on my commute. I'm high all day. If you want to work a job where pot is basically a prerequisite, consider getting a job working at a farmstand. There are a wide variety of vendors you can consider working for - From Apiaries to Zucchini Farmers. Once you get your bearings, it's pretty easy to start your own business. Startup cost for my business was less than 10 grand. 7 years later, I have the luxury of considering whether I want to open a brick and mortar store or not.
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  13. Get a job at a headshop or dispensery.

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