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  1. I saw this special on the history channel a while ago, and they were talking about the importance of grains in history or something. Of course they mentioned grains being used to produce alcohol, and they said something along the lines of "to the first people to imbibe alcohol, the experience would've been so new and intense, it would've been like an acid trip"

    Anyone who could compare a depressant and a psychedelic and imply that their effects are in anyway similar must know nothing about drugs. good job history channel!

    Now that I think about it, they might just have been saying that the experience of alcohol would be so intense it would be as crazy the effects of :hippie: but still, its a silly thing to say. No one drinks alcohol for the first time and says "dude I'm on acid!" they probably stumble and drunk dial their X.

  2. HAHA pass the blunt, brotherman.

    history channel and natgeo are awesome when ur bumming it wit mary+jane
  3. Natgeo and Natgeo Wild (Animals!) are my favorite channels. Yay knowledge!
  4. Yeah I'm such a dork, that's all I watch. All my friends watch Yo Momma and Jersey Shore and all that BS...
  5. History Channel, Discovery and NatGeo FTW!!!!

    And i get what they were saying about the first drunk experiences...but I also obviously get what your saying...i would say the first people to experience something like an acid trip was all the people snorthing Peyote, mesculine etc.. for the past several thousand years. OR, the first people to actually take acid...LOL
  6. MTV is raising a great future generation

  7. The first person to trip on acid was the guy who invented or stumbled upon the drug. Albert Hoffman(in the 1960'sr 40's. To lazy to google)
    I remember my first time drunk and i remember my first time dropping and I have to say its not compareable at all.

    One changes your life forever and the other has the potential to screw you life up forever.
  8. ^^^why do GC members always want to sound so deep or philosophical. I clearly stated. and anyone who has ever experinced the two, know they are VERY VERY VERY different, but for the first people who had booze, with no idea they were gonna get drunk or buzed, it was probably a wild experience.
    Also, Im not sure if you have never seen it or what, but LSD can deff screw up a persons life. Im not sure if you have ever seen or known someone who is spun out, but taking too much acid for too long can REALLY screw up your head. I am not trying to compare the two, espeically their dangers, because alch is soo clearly more dangerous for countless reasons, but a blanket statement like " One changes your life forever and the other has the potential to screw you life up forever" is just not accurate. But once again i get you point, i just think you are underestimating the potnetial danger of LSD---mainly from chronic use.
    Personally, I would not want to use either of them too much, I will stick to herb but I would rather have to have a drink everyday for the rest of my life then have to take a hit if acid even 1-2X/week forever...that is just me though
  9. You know people who are still watching that MTV show solely based off yo momma jokes?

    Its been off the air for several years, It was such a shitty show I wouldn't even know where to find episodes of it.

    I doubt you know somebody who is still watching it, unless they got in a time machine and went back to 06'.
  10. There's this kid in my town, he went to one of the festivals, like reggae or earthdance or something, got acid DUMPED on him, and uh, yeah he's allll fucked up now. My step-dad also knew this couple, and they left acid out and their baby got into it... So I think they're both just as bad, except it usually takes time for alcohol to ruin your life (usually) and usually if LSD fucks up your life it happens in one or two days (usually.)
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    dude skins makes me want to be a cool kid and jersey shore makes me want to get a spray tan and work out way too much. when i grow up im gonna be the coolest drug addicted roid rager ever! lol


    skip to 5:20 lol

  12. ^^^that can happen but it is rare. You are right in saying that getting 50-100 hits dumped in your drink can really mess you up for a while, if not perm, but the majority of lasting problems I have seen from acid is from long term, consistent use. I have seen alot of acid use and users in the past 5-7 years and have dropped several times my self, but i would say that USUALLY acid damage happens slowly but it can happen with mega doses in shorter terms
  13. history, discovery, nat geo, and science channel(sometimes, mostly for how its made and shit) are some of my favorite channel. other then like comedy central.
  14. cheech n chong! its been a while since i seen that. time to torrent it
  15. Okay I did not mean that acid is harmless. And who the fuck drops 2 days in a row? That is just stupid man. I come from a different society than you bro and here alch fucks up so many lives. I have never heard of anyone who has had permanent damage due to acid. But as I said, we live in different soceities. Alch is such a problem in SA that I know of people who get paid in wine. South Africa is under the top 10 countries that consume the most alch. We just behind russia and mexico or sum shit.

    But as you said, I would also much rather drink for the rest of my life than drop acid but in short term? Tonight? I will rather drop tonight in a controlled enviroment than go clubbing or to a bar and get shitfaced.
    Everything I have posted is my own opinion (except for that drinking top 10 statement).

    Quoted from Statistics

    The following shocking statistics give an indication of the impact of being under the influence of alcohol in the South African society.

    Six out of ten drivers that dies in accidents have dangerously high alcohol levels in their blood.

    In an investigation into substance abuse, 50% of truck drivers and 30% of taxi drivers had been drinking or smoking marijuana.

    3000 Adult pedestrians are killed in motor accidents per year. 70% of them are drunk when killed.

    When you are on the road at night, one out of every seven drivers sharing the road with you, is drunk.

    When you take a single drink your chances of causing an accident doubles.

    It is the third leading cause of death in the USA.

    But I get what you are saying, people way back when did not have a clue they would get drunk from drinking grain made refreshments. Must have been like "woah this shit is awesome!"... Until the puking started.
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    They probably do if their the first person to EVER get drunk.

    It's understandable why they made the comparison. It was something they were not familiar with, at all. So by them saying it's like their first time dropping a hit, is very comparable. How many people know what to expect their first time tripping acid?

    No one does.

    Also keep in mind i only read the first post.
  17. Yes and with alch you can see drunk people and how they act before you you drink. You kinda have an idea what it was like to get drunk. But to be the first to experience any kind of mind altering substance must be like WOW.

    Another thing I was thinking of. You can explain exactly what it is like to be drunk. It is the same feeling every time you drink enough to be drunk. But acid is never the same! Totaly and utterly unpredictable. Acid affects your moods, emotions and hightens them. If your in a bad mood a beer or two might chill you out but a blotter will take you over the edge and enhance the mood you are in. Or at least that is how I feel about the two substances.
  18. maybe the alcohol back in those days was 10x more potent and awesome when compared to the cheap mass-produced beers and liquors today
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    Why does everything have to turn into an argument? Both acid and alcohol have their place, but both can be detrimental if used inappropriately, like ANY drug.

    And I understand what is meant by the effects being so intense that is comparable to lsd. But that doesn't mean the experience will be similar, just the level of intensity. I guess its similar to someone smoking weed for the first time. Its more intense because its totally new.
  20. aaaah, i remember my first cup of cofeé.... that was so intense. i ran for 9 hours around a pile of cow shit wearing nothing but a gas mask and fur boots. probably because it was my first time

    *wink wink*

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