Good Increase On Nutes? Ppm Concerns

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    Well cleaned out reservoir today and I have 5 sets of leaves now on both of my plants. I decided to increase the nute strength. Does this sound safe for an increase?

    I upped the nutes from 1/4 to 1/2 my next week feeding increase may just be 1/2 still or full depending on how the plants take it. Some sets of leaves were showing faint signs of nitrogen def., set of leaves were showing very faint yellow on tips

    On my first bubbler with FF nutes PPM is in the 170's is this to low?
    I followed the seedling feeding schedule
    My bucket is 5 galllons with 3.5 gallons of RO water
    I added 17.5ml of big bloom
    And 8.5ml of grow big

    On my other bubbler I used GH nutes with PPM of 550's
    5 gallon Rubbermaid added 2 gallons of RO water
    Used Lucas formula but cut it in half so
    16ml of micro and 8ml of bloom

    Used Lucas formula on one bubbler (GH nutes)
    Than used Fox Farm feeding schedule on my other one

    Testing different nute lines seeing which one is a better choice.
  2. I would go with another 1/2 strength feeding and after that go 3/4 strength, it would suck to get burned by going full blast.
  3. I'm just worried about the low ppm is my one bubbler, does anyone know a good reliable PPM for stages of growth? I'm scared to try what's on the feeding schedule, I don't want to burn them.

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