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  1. Hey guys,I don't know if anyone's posted this yet but what do you guys think is the best homemade bowl for a bong or 1 hitter?Share a pic if you can!
  2. one hitter
  3. To make a downstem, get an attachment for a ratchet wrench, and find one with a small opening, then create a tight tape job connecting it to a straw/pen body.Sent from my HTC VLE_U using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. For my homemade bongs I've found that a quick an easy way to make a nice disposable bowl is to get some tin foil and wrap it around the very end of a pen that has a pretty pointed end. The skinny part fits nicely inside of pen tubes, and it's so easy to do
  5. Zebra pen tube because it's all metal not plastic or tin foil and that's your doe stem for a bowl just find a socket set and it's trial and error finding one that fits.

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  6. Get a spent co2 cartridge, like a 12 gram or 20 gram, the ones for co2 bb guns, and cut the top off. Then get the tube from a zebra pen and tape it together, make sure there's no gap between so you dont inhale fumes from the tape. Never use plastic if you don't want cancer.
  7. Fuck homemade bowls and downstems that is disgusting im all cool with homemade bongs but use glass downstems and bowls but dont be using water bottles for the base i would use a thick ass gatorade bottle or thicker

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  8. I agree that glass is the much better option. That being said, if you are in a pinch and don't have the ability to get a glass bong and downstem I have a few suggestions. For downstems you can use a variety of different pens. I you're using a plastic pen, make sure it's thick plastic and check it often to make sure it isn't melting. As for bowls, don't use tinfoil. It's extremely bad for you. If you want to be extra macguiverish you could use an apple bowl for your bong. The best one I've come up with is using a doorstop. The spring ones on the wall behind your door work great. I screw mine out if the wall, take the rubber off, and insert an piece of wire mesh to make a filter/bottom of the bowl. I've made several and all of them have worked fantastically. Tell me what you think.

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  9. Tin foil is toxic

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  10. :ey:
    so is everything.
  12. but actually, tin foil is not existant is the united states mostly, and the fumes that could be realeased from aluminum foil wouldn't be released unless you're getting it really hot. AP Chemistry isn't a bad thing to get an A in if you're gonna be smoking
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  13. Ohhhhh my mistake.  I meant aluminum.  But nobody uses tin foil anymore.  The name is wrong
    Yes, it isn't hot enough for it to do that.  There has been a lot of talk on this
    If you want to risk it, be my guest
  14. 100 stack CD holder bread bag elec tape rubber band and a CD. Syringe bong uploadfromtaptalk1393373396622.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1393373408681.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1393373420524.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1393373429751.jpg

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