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Good ideas for first job

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dmac103, Mar 28, 2012.

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    I need some ideas for a a good first job. I'm 18 and still in high school so obviously it will just be part time. I was thinking probably just a grocery store or fast food though I heard fast food wasn't worth it.

    Btw I posted in this section because this section has more younger people who recently had or still have their first job.
  2. I'd recommend to go and apply everywhere. You can't be too picky on what job you'll accept.
  3. If i had to choose one of the two i would be handling the packaging in the back of a grocery store
  4. Try a grocery store. I work at walmart and im 18 and still go to high school. During the holidays you get good hours there. And by that time youl be done with school
  5. Fast food does suck and I would say stay away from that if you can, but any job is better than no job haha. Id look into some kind of retail job at a clothing store. I also heard that grocery stores are horrible to work at, but you get paid weekly.
  6. Hey man, how's overnight stocking? (from 12am-9am)

    I've been considering it, it's much easier than landscaping (which I did last summer) :hello:
  7. apply anywhere. don't bother with online applications, though. they don't get you very far. if you have to submit to a drug test, make sure you're willing to quit bud for a while to get that job. surprised you're 18 and still only getting your first job?
  8. if your willing to work hard call up a couple farms. dont get drug tested and get a shit ton of hours.
  9. Take whatever you can get. It's your first job, it's going to suck no matter what. Money is money.
  10. Wait until summer and work in landscaping, or become a custodian, etc, jobs that you can't do having to go to high school. It's already April, waiting until you have your diploma will help you out a ton.

    Don't fuck with fast food, there's a reason it has a high turnover; it sucks. Apply to a lot of places if you really want to work.
  11. I'd say shoot for a gas station. Workers there tend to be really chill(especially at ones open 24/7. Stoners tend to love those kinds of positions and stores, so they're almost always very stoner-friendly). And who knows, you might make a few new friends/smoking buddies.
  12. UPS driver helper
  13. I got lucky and got my first job a couple weeks ago... at a CANDY STORE! I can't wait to smoke then start working around all of that candy and other sweets.
  14. I'm 15 and I just got a job and quiznos. Make a professional looking resume and apply everywhere.
  15. Fixed
  16. For a first job you will most likely only get something that is an entry level position. You'll probably be limited to retail, fast food, supermarket, department stores, etc. You might like retail (working at a clothing store or sports store) if you're a good talker, a lot of them pay commission as well.
  17. I know that in n out pays more than other fast food places but you have to stay out of trouble
  18. I work in customer service at a grocery store. It's a pretty awesome job to have actually, I get a raise every six months and it's chill. I get stock in the company and they treat me well.
  19. Stay out of fast food it blows, but look into an actual restaurant. Prep work, dishwasher, line cook or even become bussboy ( I make serious tips doing this right now). I've met a lot of great people working in restaurants while getting tons of hours. Plus kitchens are absolutely LOADED with stoners and at least one person deals guaranteed so its always convenient to pick up. There seems to be a universal code that kitchen work = high work and no one gives you shit about it.

  20. Riiiight. Thanks :smoke:

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