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    So im building a new grow box for my closet and i wanted to know if what i got goin on is goin to work out for me heres what i got. i got a 4' tall by 4' wide and 2' deep box i made today. im leaving the back open because in putting it up against the wall in my closet mainly because i dont have enough wood.
    i put a hole at the top left of the box for a fan to blow out the hot air (since hot air rises) and im going to put another 8" fan at the bottom blowing frsh air into the box and also another fan inside for circulation and strengthening the stems. i also painted the inside white because i have no mylar, thought it would be best. heres a pic of what i got. its still in the process of getting put togeather so i still need hinges and i gotta cut another hole at the bottom right of the box but let me know what you think.
    thank you =).

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  2. just be sure no light will sneak in the open section on the back, providing your are flowering in there too..?
  3. Sounds good. What kind of light will you be using?
  4. for my first grow i used a 4 foot box all the way around, and i found the height was really not enough room too grow my plants, my plants got huge and it was only big enough for 3 fully grown lst white widows. under a 400watt light you need more height in my opnion.
  5. your height is fine if you plan on training them, I personally have two plants flowering in my cabinet and my total height from inside floor to inside ceiling is 31", from the under side of the light to the top of the grow medium (soil in this case) is something like 24". that height is fine if you plan on training your plants, go with SCoG grow style you will have a nice even canopy and it will stay alot shorter then if you just let it grow wild.

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