Good idea to keep clones in the corner?

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  1. My plan is to grow 2 plants until harvest, but I will need to prune on them some eventually and I have a 5'x5' tent so right now its really empty. My question is would it be a good idea to try to root a couple of those cuttings, even if I just put them in soil, and just put them out of the way in the corner while the big plants are growing, then move them under the lights already at 12/12 after I harvest the 2 big ones?
  2. In your flower room or clone a flowering plant that will veg. Confused on what u r asking
  3. The clone would start flowering and be small because of no veg time, but it would work.
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    He is asking if they will stretch a lot, which they will if they dont have all the light they need, I suppose you could switch out the clones with the flowering plants every few hours but your buds might suffer as a result, Your clones will stretch though, the best thing I could recomend is that you (And this is strange and I've only seen it done to make bonzai weed trees but its what I would do) leave it in the corner. Yes it will stretch but what you can do then is go to the main stem , cut off about 1/4 to 1/2 of the stem vertically, obviously, (Carefully!!!) with a razor, just one side, then apply rooting powder to the cut and bury it in the soil, you will get more roots and it will slow growth (as opposed to quick stretched growth) and it might buy you some time. Do it just to the part before any leaves exist. Or, that was a really dumb idea I just chimed up and your hopes are ruined. Good luck!
  5. I would probably take the cuttings before starting the flowing cycle on the big plants, but my plan was to keep them all in the same tent. The clones would maybe get a week or 2 to veg, then switch over to 12/12 and just have the clones out of the way where hopefully they would keep growing because of the light, but not steal light from my big plants. Then when I harvest the big plants, move the clones from the corner into the middle of the room under the lights. Or if that doesn't make sense I could maybe make a little clone veg chamber with a couple cfls. Idk, that sounds like more work than I had originally intended, but that might be a better bet
  6. Wait, are these clones from a flowering plant because it takes longer than two weeks to revert back to veg, if not, and you have a vegetative room completely dismiss my crazy mad scientist experiment idea and clearly veg longer.
  7. Haha well ill prolly be doing most of the pruning during the veg cycle, I plan on LSTing and supercropping some but I figure I will still trim some branches off. At first I was only going to have about 150 watts of lights going, so I was going to veg the plants for 6-8 weeks so they could really develop. Ill prolly still do that, so the cuttings would probably come after a month-6 weeks

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