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Discussion in 'General' started by Stylez, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. How bout an IRC server? If we have one, I havn't noticed it. It'd be a nice place to chat n such, like real time chats. I can probably also get a server if the need arises, might not be able to be tho :/.
    guess its up to u mods n stuff, think about it, I like the idea :D
  2. SJ doesn't want to have a GrassCity chat. It's to hard to moderate and could cause problems for this site.

    We always use the pm's to converse privately. It works fairly fast.
  3. the idea has been presented before... not that it's not a good idea (it is)... but it'd probably cause more problems than what it's worth :)
  4. I do like the idea of a irc thing... alas, i see the error too... I was just wondering, (this is to the admins) I was wondering, how you are related to I'm just curious, and this thread has purked my interest in admin... is admin a job?

    -shay out
  5. The only Admins we have own the site.

    The moderators (with the help of Admins) run the site.

    SJ and Keys 67 are the only admins we have.
  6. interesting... so do you get paid by to be a moderator?

  7. NOPE. SJ will check post and take advice from the mods when we need more moderators. He will select a few and decide who becomes a mod. We do it for the site and our members.
  8. ...but i quit, so please don't start a channel, i might suffer a fallback :)

    that said, for those interested, take a quick search on undernet and you'll find numerous MJ related chat room. (I used to hang at alt.marijuanasmokers, but they're now closed. at least last i checked they were)

    ahh, the feeling of absolute power on irc, with a dozen bots working for you, wating for the next turf-wars to break out... no wait, i gotta stop. log off. goodnight.
  9. yea, but a plus to all the hard work would be 100% quick question answering, even a bot (which I could make) that had a whole database and could answer any weed question you needed. It could be the best irc based weed server ever. And it only takes very little work to keep it friendly and non-agressive n stuff, just have a mod or two on during the day and night, and have em kick peolpe out who are being abusive, I could even take on that chore as I am almost always on IRC, and great with it. Eh, I guess its hard work, but could eventually pay off imo.
  10. I'll show up on IRC, what server? It don't even have to really be "official"does it? we can just go in and start a room.


  11. dont exactly have it ready yet, was waitin for moddies word on it, but after school tommorow I can get it set up if people actually plan on being there :p
  12. I like the idea but I think the problem lies in attracting unsavory people to this site, not in controlling the channel. I'm not big on the irc but I use it, usually I just connect to the montreal efnet server and go to #marijuana

    I use dial up so I wouldn't be able to stick around 24/7 but I'd expect to get ops if this happens :D
  13. I like the idea of a forum. It would be a lot harder to control an "offical chatroom"

    pro forum

  14. pro hapiness

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