good idea bad idea?

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does it fuck u up bad?

  1. ya dont do it

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  2. na do it

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  1. smoking nutmeg is it bad for ya? and how high does it make you?
  2. I'm pretty positive that you cannot smoke it...

    But i say you test it out for me.. smoke a whole bunch, tell me what it's like ;)
  3. I really doubt it does much for you, if anything. How many people have you talked to that were like, "Dude, I just went to this kick ass party, we smoked nutmeg all night! It was the greatest thing ever!" Umm no.
  4. maby its waiting to be discovered like pennisilin used to be :p
  5. Yeha, you're supposed to eat it, but the buzz is really unpleasent for most people. Apparently for most it jsut gives you a headache and makes your vision blurry.
  6. And now it's time for another "Good Idea, Bad Idea."

    Good Idea -- Playing the piccolo in a marching band.

    Bad Idea -- Playing the piano in a marching band.
  7. Id say go for mushrooms.
  8. i don't know if this is true but my friend told me that if you smoke nutmeg it will kill you...i also heard if you eat a table spoon you will be high for three days. usually getting high off stuff you can find in your local supermarket is really dangerous or not a good high at all. weed.
  9. I would not recommend smoking Nutmeg, the chemical in it to make you trip/high is burnt off in the process and it will do absolutely nothing for you except make you sick. Might as well just pour it on icecream or mix it with water or milk and ingest it. This way you actually get something from it

  10. lmao, definatly dont, eat 3-4 table spoon fuls and wash it down with milk...then u will be set

  11. Sadly, i know u cannot die from nutmeg smoking, becuase when i was around 10-12 i smoked a nutmeg joint...And i remember the smell the most..sick..and the taste is soooo nasty...i wouldnt smoke nutmeg again, and i dont recommend anyone doing it, i just felt sick. (tremors, and nuasea)

    and No, one table spoon wont even get you going, let alone last for 3 i said, take about 3 or 4 table spoons

    *edit* i dont think i voted right...your poll is very confusing...

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