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Good hook up or not ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by acidburn373, May 12, 2011.

  1. Female dealer $80 for 8-10g good deal or not also it looks like pretty decent bud from what i have seen also this is in Newcastle and i haven't been able to find any bud recently so im thinking of taking it :confused:
  2. Is she hot? Hahehahehohofjdopjduw
  3. Yeah she wanted to go out with me but taken atm
  4. It's a kinda steep price for mids. Newcastle county?
  5. So, $10 a gram basically. Yeah i'd take it, i wouldnt expect it to be that "super dankity dank skunk dank" but itll smoke.
  6. dude some people are looking at getting only like 5 gs tops for $80.
    I say go for it,
    But idk how much the stuff is in your area.
  7. Yeah Newcaslte nsw
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    Doooo it

    I just got hooked up with 27 seeds and 4.1gs of purple kush for 35$ :D

    Where are you from if your from canada than you should get some pre dank stuff

    If your in america prepare to lower your standards....
  9. In Delaware?
  10. If its mids then your getting burned. You should be getting an 1/8 for around $20, so do the math. If it's dank, then its not a bad deal, considering shes one of your only sources
  11. For aus prices, that fkn sick I get a que for $70 and just got hooked up with a sick dealer and he offered a half bag for $80 dunno the quality on it tho
  12. Well i have to wait a week till she gets more but i guess i shall buy it and see no harm in trying if its shit, Guess who will be making some brownies ...
  13. Ok i will post a image when i get it.she said her supplier is out of town till next week. Wish me luck :)
  14. that sucks, you have to wait a week for the bud? Just grow your own lol
  15. I don't know, Where I'm from, I get a ounce that's 28,5 fuckin grams !!!! For 80 $. But still, 10 g for 80$ is a decent deal just make sure its good weed, ask for a sample or something
  16. I was planning on growing my own but its to much effort living with my parents , uni and a job:cry:
  17. that's blown. you have to wait a week for a $80 pick up of high mids?

    Find another person unless you feel comfortable with her.

    As for the price, every area is different. Try to find a dealer and buy an 1/8th of dank. If your area is jacked up and cost $60 for dank, then be patient and wait a week, if you have too.
  18. #19 acidburn373, May 12, 2011
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    hard to come by a good deal these days so its worth the risk.
  19. In a week??
    I'd like to see this bud.

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