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Good Homemade I Can Use Daily?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kjkjogoug, May 23, 2013.

  1. I've been using a plastic bong for the longest time. I was wondering if there's a homemade bowl/pipe I can make that is safe and pulls good?
    Dont' say buy a piece... I"m going to do that but some people are broke. Any suggestions!?

  2. It all depends what you've got. Best homemade I've made was a co2 cartridge with hole on the side for a carb, and a hole drilled in the "nozzle" for a mouthpiece. The bowl was a BRASS (never ever ever use aluminum) air compresser fitting pressed into another hole I drilled. The thing held up for a long time. It looked way cool too, called it the submarine pipe because it looked like a tiny shiny submarine.

    Hope I inspired you man. Steam rollers made with bamboo are also good options. Use as little plastic as possible and keep your bowl pieces brass, steel, wood , or glass.
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    well that depends...can you remove the bowl/slide from the plastic bong(I'm assuming it's either glass or metal)?
  4. Plastic is fine, I used it for very long, but don't use a plastic bowl, if you really want a great homemade bong drill a hole in a glass bottle/vase, then just put in a diffuser/downstem with a metal bowl. (I used a highlighter for my diffuser and then taped a co2 canister that was cut in half to a pen, wrapped the pen in tape to make it airtight and that was my slide).
  5. Or walk to a headshop or thrift store and buy a 1.99$ glass bowl.  I regret my days with the foil and plastic bowl.. 
  6. I bought a really good piece for 3 bucks try that.
    Or make it out of a bolt.
  7. An apple pipe, but my model is slightly different from others.

    First get the apple, then a pencil that isn't sharpened, take the stem out, then jam the pencil where the stem used to be, making a hole that goes about halfway through the apple.

    Then, find a spot halfway down the side of the apple and jam the pencil in there, make sure this hole meets the first hole you made, making one L shaped tunnel. Blow into the hole to get any excess material out.

    Now you need a bowl to put the herb in, many people use aluminum foil DO NOT USE ALUMINUM FOIL. It's bad for you.

    Instead, get a socket from your family's garage or toolbox and jam it into the top hole, then take the socket out to remove the excess apple flesh that was scraped out by the socket. Place the socket back into the hole, make sure there is no resistance because that might clog the hole and prevent you from drawing any smoke through the pipe.

    Now you need a screen, get a pair of apple earbuds and scrape the rubber ring off of it. Now start hammering the buds, your goal is to get the screen out, which is almost impossible if the rubber seal is still on the earbuds.

    Place the screen in the socket and suck in through the hole to make sure it will draw well. Now you are ready to go! Place the herb in the socket and light up! You can use one apple for atleast a week before you need to change apples, and you can use the socket and screen for months before you'll need to change them

    This model was my go-to device before I got my pipe. It's easy and fun to make and the best part is that the apple is disposable, incase you get into a jam. Just don't lose the socket and screen, that's the most important part.

    And although you said not to tell you to buy a piece, that is the most reasonable solution; they are more convenient and you know they are safe, not to mention they smoke far better than anything homemade. Something else you may not realize is that nobody is going to want to smoke with you if you have a ghetto looking bottle bong, so for social situations, real smoking pieces are the way to go. I got my glass spoon for 10 bucks and I love it, so you can get a great piece for really cheap. If you are underaged, just ask a friend to get you one, they aren't hard to come by.

    Peace fellow blade, hope I helped.
  8. I have a similar suggestion as @[member="OntheDopethrone"] but I have a few edits because his design for an apple pipe has the potential to be hazardous (apple earbuds shouldn't be used as screens because of chemicals on the surfaces, you don't need a socket, etc).  Copy/pasting from my recipe on a similar thread:
    If you ever need to make a pipe, just use an apple as a pipe.  It takes all of 2 minutes to make (if that) and works really well.  Here's how to do it:
    \n1. Find an apple. Don't get a huge Granny Smith or anything, just a normal or small sized apple.
    \n2. Wash it and dry it. Nothing spells cancer like accidentally smoking pesticides.
    \n3. Remove stem. I can usually twist it out of the apple, but if you can't then just cut it out, but DON'T cut around it too much because the top of the apple will be your bowl.
    \n4. Make a hole in the apple from the top (where the stem was) to around halfway down the apple.  I like this hole to be small-ish because I like to conserve my weed, but it can really be whatever size you want as long as you can fit your weed in without it falling in.  I usually carve the apple with either a very skinny-handled comb (the handle, not the bristles) or the bottom of a toothbrush.
    \n5. Make another hole in the side of the apple about halfway down.  Make sure that this hole intersects the first hole that you made.
    \n6. OPTIONAL: Make yet another hole on the other side of the apple that intersects the other holes.  This is your carb.  I personally don't do this because the apple clears the smoke pretty quickly, but I have friends that like it.
    \n7. Clear the holes. Make sure that there is consistent airflow from the bowl to your mouth. Carve out loose chunks and/or blow them out.
    \n8. Pack your bowl. Don't let your weed fall in, though. It's a bitch to get out.
    \n9. Light up and enjoy.
    \nHope this helps!
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    you can make a lil sneek-a-toke with a socket
  10. My all time favorite homemade thing to smoke out of is a grav bong. But i'd just use my bowl from my bong so it was easy. If you don't have a bowl you can always use tin foil (which is nasty), or get a socket and secure it. As long as it can hold the weed, let air through, and withstand heat, use it. A socket is the best. But you can make a bong out of everything. Get creative man. Let the juices flow haha.
  11. waterfall's are cheap and easy to make.
    so are gravity bongs.
    but if you cant afford $5 to buy a smoking utensil, then you probably shouldnt be smoking....
    priorities, priorities...
  12. The best homemade pieces I've made are glass bottle bongs. I take a 12 oz glass beer bottle, duct tape, screwdriver, caulking, PVC(for downstem), pen tube, and a socket.
    - take the duct tape, and put a piece around where the labels at on the bottle.
    -cut a circle in the duct tape for where you want to put the downstem in.
    - take the screwdriver, and hit the center of the circle until the glass begins to break. Once it starts to break, chip away at the glass until the circle is almost flawless,and can fit the downstem.
    - unwrap the duct tape, and put the PVC in it, put caulking around it until it is airtight.
    - cut the pen tube down to about 1.5 in to 2 in, and then find a socket that the pen tube can fit relatively snugly inside. Put superglue around the rest of the socket that the pen tube doesn't fill.
    Leave all adhesives to dry, fill bong with water.
    - smoke up!

    Notes: instead of making the bowl, you could obviously use one you already have, I never had a grommet on the bowl, although I have wrapped rubber bands around it to make it airtight while I hit it.

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