Good High Bad Night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Trouble, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. Me and my friends were out in the woods behind my house one night racein arround with a old car my cousin left we got board so we got stoned and headed the trails up the road we wernt thier more then 5 minutes when a cop in a jeep cherokee rolled up I ran like hell just like my friends 2 got caught in the car and one was caught runnin down the trail tword the house and 2 more were busted walkin up my driveway I was runnin through swamps sand pits and streams
    I ran for over 3 hour cause I didnt want to get caught with a big stash like I had on me I was tracked for 3 miles till I jumped onto a semi truck I was 5 miles from home and the cops were lookin for me after I chilled under a bridge in the river I made my way home under the cover of darkness and a week later they stopped lookin for me I got away free my friends got let go with sitations for tresspasin and the stash got saved by my fast feet and knoledge of the area.
  2. you could have just buried your stash and got it later man. but good job with the pigs
  3. The last time I ditched my stash a damm squirl got to it befor i could little fuckin bastards
  4. i miss running through shit,, i feel old
  5. lol, them squirls got pritty waisted eh :p

    yep..the rush of ditching cops is great
    cops themselves suck ass
  6. Damn man thats crazyy.. If you woulda got caught though you woulda been screwed dude.. Later.. :smoke:

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