good hiding spots?

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  1. got a new hand pipe today, pretty awesome, but have no idea where to hide it. I live with my parents and they can't find it. any ideas for good hiding spots?
  2. I keep my stuff in a guitar case or in the garage in a motorcycle bag but you can really use anything.

    The garage works best for me just because no one but goes in it.

    It just all depends on how well you need to hide it.
  3. pic of ur pipe? how bout in a ziploc in a sock, unless your ma puts away your clothes for you
  4. hey have a packpack with a side pouch on it? buy a case for the pip and keep it in there. also, try a desk drawer, put it under notes and shit, but watch out, the resin may make the drawer reak when you open it. cut a hole out of a thick book that you dont read, like the bible XD jk jk, then tuck the pipe in and close it. unless your mom goes through your books XDXD i used to put my bud in the casette slot of my stereo. who the hell would use that right?
  5. computer
  6. ooo good idea! Im gonna use my old hp next time I grab a p. a pig would never suspect an old shitty comp
  7. If you have an amplifier, just put it in there!

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