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  1. Wondering if you guys have any clever ideas of where to hide your shit. I put lighters, matches, and cigarettes in Xbox 360 game cases because they don't smell. I keep my weed and piece in two ziplock bags. I put my weed in a medical container with my piece in one bag with a dryer sheet, and then put another bag over it with another dryer sheet. Then I put everything inside a pair of balled up socks and pull a drawer out of my dresser and put it on the interior of the dresser. The reason behind putting it in socks is if for some, weird, unlikely reason someone is to pull out my dresser drawer, it looks like a pair of socks has just fallen back there.
  2. Mommy and daddy gunna find everything?
  3. Ceiling panels
  4. My booty hole.
  5. I just stick everything in a little handy box that fits it all, and stick it in a drawer.
  6. I stick all my shit in a tool box. If things get to where I need to lock it I do.
  7. Every nintendo gamecube has void space underneath with neat little plastic covers, for the gameboy play. Best spot i've ever used.. I have my own place now so I don't give a fuck.
  8. I got a one hitter and and a pipe I just put it down the barrel of my paintball gun, noone would ever think twice about looking there.
  9. my hiding spot is in a baggie, chilling on my desk, or in a glass jar in the freezer. I live on my own (with roomate) so i dont have to worry about that shit. plus my folks smoke weed too, so i had to share, not hide it lol
  10. way deep in your bum
  11. This, haha

  12. Heard that..That's why I told my parents I quit when I was living at home, when I never did. Not only did I not have to share (mine was always better). But it always seemed more fun sneaking it behind their backs...

  13. This lol i have been using this spot for years
  14. Behind a ps2 slot is good too that expansion bay you can pull out you can put shit in there
  15. i just leave my shit out in my room. my parents don't care
  16. I leave my shit out too usually but I used to hide it all in the little mini closet inside my closet, where our water shut-off is
  17. Indeed leaving pieces and bud out all the time due to being not technically in the house:p I miss the days of getting stoned and having to be real quiet and stuff while parentals were awake or at home...
  18. Got any vents in your room? They always worked for me.
  19. Hole behind the sink, computer case (might stink if it gets hot), make a book safe... etc
  20. tape it right to your dirf, that way when you rip it off, you will scream and your parents will see you with your pants down. they'll think you're into some weird self mutilation shit and weed will be the last thing on their mind

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