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Good hiding places in a car?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by AustinJohnsonHI, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Ive got a 2000 Mazda Protege and was lookin for a solid hiding spot. Automatic, fully functional, no sunroof, preferably something that doesn't require a dirty car. Id like to hide both weed and a bowl.

  2. Under the mat of the backseat but it will get damaged if you have passengers
  3. Im lookin to hide both weed and a bowl. Ill add that to the first post
  4. Door panel. Make a small stash compartment

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  5. I put it plain sight inside my tool box with three pieces a scale and about 5-10 grams inside it. I've been pulled over a few times. long as your not stupid driving, don't have a beater car with noticeable problems you'll never have an issue. my toolbox has a lock so good luck po po. it's also low key for when my parents drive my car
  6. the spot under the glove compartment
  7. Behind the stereo near the wiring, under panel of shifter if its not the one by steering wheel. Lol idk be creative

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    I just throw my stuff in the glovebox and keep it locked. Keep my insurance/registration in the center console. Out of sight, out of mind. And that way you can have your papers ready quick, giving the cop less time to be suspicious of you :)

    I learned that after I got pulled over and had my pipe on top of my registration in the glovebox. I don't know if I got pulled over by a good cop or if I actually did a good job of hiding it, but he didn't mention a thing about it.

    Edit: Or I put my stuff in a laptop bag and toss that in the rear cargo area (I have an SUV, so I guess the trunk or back seat for you). They typically just peek in the bag, see a laptop, and stop checking it out then/there (even though there's a ton of good stash spots just in the bag).
  9. Wherever you hid your shit, make sure it's airtight. They can basically only search you if they smell weed.
  10. I use coffie grounds if i were you unless you got more of a powerful thing to throw off the
    dogs who smell it.........or pigs for your matter anyway put the weed in a bag and cover it
    with coffie grounds dogs wont smell it but they will smell the coffie/by the way a good place is to keep that shit out of sight like....pretend to be a cop giving yourself a ticket and look around and see if you hid it good hopefully you understand my drift you know
  11. That's not how drugs dogs operate, you can't fool them with another smell, they can make out several different smells in the same environment.
  12. A friend of mine has a small air-tight jar that she stores her stuff in, and she keeps it in her passenger seat. Been pulled over twice, and never been found.
  13. if they have probable cause to search,or a hard on for u. theyre gonna find it no matter where its hidden, unless u actually have a proper stash built in like behind the stereo like mentioned, or best one ive seen is in the air bag which is removed then hitting a few diff things in a sequence opens it. vacum sealed it will never be found if they cant find any other paraphenalia anywhere else in ur car or even worse in plain sight (even zigs) they have no probable cause for a real search. they dont have a right to impound it if ur not wasted or havent given any probable cause like mentioned above they can only do a quick sweep at the scene. (even that is illegal without consent or probable cause.but a real pig could say he smelled something. try disproving that. so better safe than sorry) and u should never leave ur stash in the car when ur parents might drive it!



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