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  1. I am on the market for a good grinder that is good at catching keef and is strong an durable for high amounts of weed going in. My recent grinder the screen came out from pressing one hitters and also Bong bowls to pack then. Any advice on good grinders?

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  3. I run through an ounce a month and I've used this Santa Cruz shredder for a couple of months now. I love the way it grinds the bud (teeth aren't sharp, very flat actually, and the bud remains really fluffy when ground). I think it can hold up to 3G if I'm just eyeballing it. The best thing about it is that the kief compartment is concave in shape so you can scoop the kief with your fingers rather than using the pick, Sometimes I feel like a bit of it gets wasted on my fingers, but it's a lot easier to handle small amounts of kief. Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Rasta Colored Aluminum Grinder - Medium 53mm 3 Stage Sifting Grinder - 2.1 Inches Wide: Kitchen & Dining
  4. I bought one of the big space cases a long time ago and I still use it, but I do not like it at all. It gets clogged up so fast, and gets really hard to turn. The cap has gotten stuck so many times. I do not understand the hype. So I would advise against space case. Just my opinion though.
  5. Yeah I agree with you! I have a large titanium space case as well and I just use it to store left over bud now.
  6. Sabertooth! Cheapest high quality grinder out there. Great kief collection as long as you use a nickle and give it a solid half minute shake every time you grind.
  7. American grinder. Great billet aluminum grinders
  8. The stonemill 2.0 is pretty impractical and doesn't store kief, but it turns your bud into powder.
  9. I've had dozens of grinders over the years.Some were really expensive, some were really cheap. They all ground up weed just fine. They all did it the same way. The only difference I ever found between a cheap grinder and an expensive grinder was the price. Grinding up weed isn't a difficult or precarious process, there's no reason that a grinder should cost over $10.
  10. That's not true. I owned a no-brand grinder that used to seize up and leave weed caught in the top chamber. It also shredded the weed pretty sketchily, and the ground-up strains were pretty long. I bought a Santa Cruz Shredder and it's a honestly a world of difference. It never seizes up and grinds bud much more fluffy than generic grinders I've used, which is nice for rolling or packing snaps. It also does a hell of a better job harvesting kief in the bottom chamber, as well. The screen is of much better quality than other ones I've used. I'm not a Santa Cruz fanboy, but there's more than one reason why it costs more and, in my opinion, is worth the extra cash.
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  11. Sabertooth or Santa Cruz Shredder are both very good grinders
  12. No, what I wrote was true. How you say my own experiences are not true, I don't get. You had a shitty grinder and then you had a good grinder. That's got nothing to do with what I said. Do the research. Santa Cruz Shredders are sold out of china for $1.50 each.
  13. Keep in mind low grade grinders can sometimes leak contaminants to the weed you grind up. Some of the teeth can break. There's a lot of things that can happen but some people never experience them.
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  14. tx for tip
  15. I don't know if you're living in the Dark Ages man, but I've never found a grinder for $10 anywhere - all metal ones no matter how shitty have always been around $20. And I've owned 3 China grinders and 2 Shredders, only one China grinder actually ground well and lasted more than a year.

    I lost my first Santa Cruz, and was relieved when I got the money together to buy another one. Even if Santa Cruz manufactures theirs in China as well, their materials and tooth design are much better than your average shitty grinder. And they're anodized so little pieces of aluminum don't end up in your bowl. You can't say that most grinders are. Not trying to attack you but Shredders are just fucking dope lol i wanna defend them.
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    Just search amazon for "anodized aluminum grinder" and sort low to high cost. The first 3 pages are $10 or under but I his point is that you don't have to spend the money to have the brand name etched on the lid. At the $20 price point there are plenty of great grinders as well. People like to spend money though, I get it. I spent my whole smoking life having never heard of a grinder till I started researching growing recently and learned about them. I was despairing on all the reviews on how you need to spend good money on them till I realized it was a bunch of consumerist horse shit. I bought a nice quality $20 grinder and laughed at all those high priced clones.

    I appreciate good quality products being worth the money but I just don't buy the idea that these grinders fall into that category. Though I know there are plenty of crappy ones. Basically any well reviewed anodized grinder on amazon will do the trick just fine.
  17. I like the Mendo Mulcher myself. It's not cheap though. There are other high quality grinder brands out there, some already pointed out in this thread.
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