good genetic tips?

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  1. I'm gonna be guerrilla growin and need advice. I want at least 5 lbs when done.

    Is genetics any good? They're cheap and I figured on starting 70 plants.

    And is it worth it to spring for feminized on a first grow op?

    Also, I'm mainly interested in starting with white widow and northern lights.
  2. 70 is a TON for a first grow, I'll be doing my first one and I'm doing 20 which most people suggest against as it cost a good bit to get the proper nutes and soil if you need to amend your soil, I'd say you should stick to 10 at the most for your first grow. 70 plants would require you to haul a shitload of water to your plot as well and you can get that yield from a smaller number of plants if you take care of them correctly. As for genetics, there are a ton of seed banks, if you get femmed seeds you won't have to worry about removing males from your crop, also make sure to find out when your first frost is (most likely early October) if you're on the east coast to make sure you can harvest your crop before the frost kills it. There is info on flowering times on most web sites that sell seeds so make sure you get some strains that finish in mid-late September or early October at the latest.

    Research feeding schedules, how to make nute teas, soil preperation, etc etc, it's all on this forum, believe me I've found it here.
  3. are fine. I got 72 ounces of white widow using their seeds.
  4. Dude i felt wrong with 15 on my first grow, only 10 made it to maturity, I needed to put the water away, 70 is just ridiculous, you can easily get a pound per big plant if you want so all you need to do is grow 10-15 plants to try and get 5 females that will give you close to a pound each. If i were you i would go with quality over quantity and try to get your first 10-15 plants growing strong, and if you do good then do the same thing with 70 next year.
  5. Dude you'd get wayyyyyyyyyy more than 5lbs with 70 plants. Especially if your a excellent grower. My last grow I got about 3/4 pound per plant with Durban poison. But like expert growers can get like a full pound per plant depending on genetics. Attitude had pretty good genetics also. Nirvana is the old reliable for seeds but not for genetics.
  6. K let me explain bout the 70. I am being pessimistic, and thinking I'll either get 70 regular seeds or 25-30 femmed. That way, if I screw up the germination, I should be able to get half the seeds to start growing. If half of those plants live, and live up to half their potential, I should still be fine.

    Is it worth it to go ahead with the femmed? If I get the 70, it'll be from, two of their 30 seed variety packs.

    If I get femmed it'll be ww and northern lights from attitude. But I thought I'd only maybe get 150 grams per plant from northern lights and less from white I wrong on this? Different sites say different much do these actually put out?

    And I'm also gonna try a few thc bomb or arjans haze cuz they're sposed to yield a shit ton.
  7. Your yeild all depends on your growing. But an average grower could get about 300 dried grams per square meter of marijuana plants. But if your a better grower and care for your babies you can get muchhh more. As a hint, use nitrogen, it helps get bigger buds along with bat guano at the end of the flowering period.
  8. oh and I almost forgot, when I germinate, I do the towel trick and I get like 9 out of 10 seeds to germinate. And I also read somewhere that if you buy non gem seeds and put them in a bag with bananas wrapped in paper towels and switch out the bananas like every week, for like a month before germinating, you get a higher percentge of females because the rippening bananas release this gas that makes the seeds have a higher chance.

    But my advice is to get the females. Because with females it makes it so much easier, there's no need to sex, no need to kill males, no need to worry about them stop makig THC and start making seeds.
  9. Dude I think your way in over your head, Cannibis isn't easy to tend to if you are only 1 guy trying to get that many plants to stay up especially never growing. Grow like 5-10 first so you can get a first hand experience because there are different types of strains lol they do grow different, not to mention you would have a fun time spotting the males out of 70 plants and removing them

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