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Good Garden Bad Garden! look..

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Multihobbied, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I figured I would share this thinking that someone will get something out of it. The 2 pictures are of seperate gardens. It goes to show you what you get when you do the basics and what you get when you do not!

    Bad Garden:
    Day 56 of veg
    6x10 shed
    2 150 watt hps and 1 400 w MH
    Strains are the same in each garden. Blue Dream, Jack Herer, Critical Jack, AK48, and Purple Paraylisis, along with an Amphetamine Auto.
    Very limited ventalation.
    Watered a bit to often and average temp has been around 85.
    The nutes have been very limited, I suppliued her with FF nutes along with some castings, blood and bone meal, and Guano.
    This is my Aunts garden and I have given her everything she needs to have a succesful grow and when I try and advise her she cops an attitude with me, she is slowly starting to get it and I am helping her nurse it back to health, but, not until she seen my garden with her own eyes.
    Also keep in mind all girls were started from seed and all popped within a day or two of each other.

    Good Garden:
    Day 3 of Flower
    6x6 closet grow.
    1 600 watt mh, recently switched to HPS and 1 400 watt MH, recemntly switched.
    Same Strains.
    soil was the same pre-mix, a reg potting soil with perlite, Bat Guano, Blood and Bone Meal, castings.
    Average temp 75 aveage humidity 45%
    FF Nutes, Grow Big and Tiger bloom and Cal Mag.

    I will add info as I go, I am going to try and help her, but, i am not sure if it is worth the agro, I am very inexperienced with Indoor Growing, very familiar with Outdoor Grows. I will try and find a pick of a G-13 around mid way of flowering.

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    The above is an outdoor G13 about 30 days from harvest, 2.8 #s in total and the bad garden around day 46.

    Sorry about caps!

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  3. One of us needs to lay the pipe:smoking: down and take a step back.:D lol I don't understand which pic is what.:confused:
  4. Post #2 is explained in detail! I had an issue posting all the pics in the first post, but, the left pic in post #1 is the bad garden. The right hand pic is of a G13 outdoor grow harvested this past November.

    The problem was that I was sober, if I was blazed it all would of made sense! I will update with more recent pics, hopefully it all makes sense!!
  5. Are they both yours? I'm very confused.
  6. Re-read the first post, they are 2 separate gardens, one is my Aunts and the other is mine. in 2 separate locations.

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