Good Games To Play When High?

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  1. What games do you think are best to play when high?
    Personal favourite is Civilization 5. There truly is nothing better than getting really high and making war with historical leaders  :smoke:

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    Left 4 Dead both one and two. Get you 4 controllers and play that game with some friends during a smoke session. You'll thank me later.
  3. Who takes the biggest bongrip.  Best game ever.
  4. Man, my favorite stonergame is Skyrim. Slicing heads off like a primal savage in a mystical land.
    That shit'll keep me for hours
  5. Yeah Tetris
    Ive got mad skills on tetris when high :p
  7. I once made a new highscore online
  8. Oblivion or Skyrim like Viking said. You'll get lost in those games for hours on end
  9. World of warcraft, gotta smoke before. If I start burning and vaping when I already started to play I get into a limbo state. Gotta get zooted first ^.^ mirrors edge. Halo forge ftw. Skate 3
  10. If you haven't gotten really stoned and played L4D2 with headphones in. . .you don't know what you're missing out on. Everytime I play and I hear that Tank music kick in out of nowhere my heart starts racing and I usually end up hiding under some stairs or in a closet till my team kills it. I know, I'm the worst teammate. But that shit's intense. 
  11. GTA IV. It's like the city comes alive. I notice everything, and I become such a better driver. Plus you've got the freedom to go anywhere, and do anything. 
  12. I luv playing fifa 13.. If im high enuf the players usually start lukiin like play-dough people. I freaked out the first time i noticed this!
  13. you beat me to it man, the possibilities are endless and if your high enough it just looks so real. Its my plan for the night as a matter of fact....
  14. I play minecraft. Everybody says it sucks but when me and my buds play on toked mode, its like we're fucking super saiyans or some shit!
  15. Super Smash Bros on the N64
  16. N64 007 golden eye
  17. LoL is my current favorite--minus the horrible, grouchy community. Shit is funny though.
    Super Mario 64 is always a good throwback. Or Super Smash.
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    ANY Deadrising or saints row.
    Deadrising 2 high is a blast.
    Thank god no one said CoD yet... Hate cod.. Don't get me started.
    Gonna get blazed and play it now :p

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