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  1. alright
    I'm thinking about kickin it old school and buying a GameCube this Monday when I get money for my birthday. I also want to know if there are any
    good games I should buy. I'm already gona get super smash bros melee because it's the best game known to man but any others?
  2. You could get some Mario Kart, those are fun mulitplayer games, especially when stoned
  3. thanks smegma stick
  4. Get Donkey Kong 64, Eternal Darkness, F-Zero GX, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, The legend of zelda wind waker and twilight princess, any mario party, metal arms: glitch in the system, metriod prime, Okami, Paper Mario: The thousand year door, or The simpsons Hit and Run. Any and all of those are great games!
  5. If you can find it Skies of Arcadia: Legends is an amazing RPG. Sonic Adventure 2:Battle

    Immoliate pretty much nailed the other great games. Luigi's Mansion is pretty solid, so is Super Mario Sunshine, Ikaruga, Pikmin, Tales of Symphonia, Viewtiful Joe, Star Wars Rouge Leader, and Resident Evil(original and 4)
  6. Ugh...Viewtiful Joe. I've had that game since it first came out and I'm still total shit at it.

  7. Thats what makes some of these gamecube games great, they are hard and offer a ton of replay value.

  8. Good list ^

    To add to it my favorite title on the gamecube was Paper Mario and the Thousand Year door, fantastic game.
  9. buy a 64 and your life will be much more complete!!!

  10. There's so many good games OP.

    Personal ones I feel you should get are:

    Luigi's Mansion.
    Super Mario Sunshine.
    Smash Bro's Melee.
    Eternal Darkness.
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.
    Resident Evil remake.
    Any of the Metroid Prime series.
    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
    Resident Evil 4, much better on Gamecube.
  11. animal crossing lol
    super smash
  12. Probably been said but..
    Ocarina Of Time! !!!!!
    Represent it!
  13. Mario Kart Double Dash
    Sonic 1-3
    mortal kombat
  14. Super smash brothers Melee.

    id buy a gamecube just to play that game again. i miss my nintendo
  15. Luigi's Mansion was classic as fuck, my mom used to play it more than me lol

    Batman Vengeance is one of the best Batman games to date IMO

    But Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is......... just get it

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  16. Listen to everyone that says Eternal Darkness! A totally awesome game. Animal Crossing is a good stoned game, no real thinking required.
  17. Defiantly make it a point to get Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, any zelda game, and maby super mario sunshine
  18. [quote name='"Caveman130"']Defiantly make it a point to get Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, any zelda game, and maby super mario sunshine[/quote]

    Why does Zelda do all the work trying to save the princess?
  19. luigis mansion is wopper i still have my gamecube hiddin in the atic somewhere haha. burnouts a pretty ggood racing game.
    oh oh 007 is great aswell or the mario games.

    enjoy dude
  20. Super mario sunshine is my favourite game of all time get it and i promise u wont regret.

    Aw man i miss that game so much now hahah

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