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Discussion in 'General' started by ThePyroStoner, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. So I have this chill ass good friend whos going to be moving away soon. Been smoking with him for a while, had my first 420 party with him and his brother(his parents didnt mind weed) ,had my first vape sesh with him, and ive known him since the 6th grade. Just been kinda bummed lately. Talk to me gc. Youve been through this before?:confused:
  2. Feels worse than a break up

    Haha jk

    Ive split apart from homies who i used to blaze alot with and it suck but you learn to forget and meet new people too
    Doesnt hurt
  3. Hey man, I left all my good buddies the ones i grew with, to go to an out of state college. It isnt too bad bc i made new friends and still keep in touch with my old ones. it was hard at first, but youll get used to it and then appreciate the time you see your budy from now on
  4. Have one last blow out if you can and make sure you keep in touch.
  5. Sleep with him
  6. No broham. Straight all the way
  7. theres 22 guests in this thread lol. but yeah true bromance. jk but yeah go do some cool shit before he moves . this is like part of life lol.

  8. I know it is but ive never really had to move away from friends or had friends move away. And ye hopefuly we have a crazy ass party before he leaves.
  9. how far is he moving?
  10. man i've had a couple good friends move away shit sucks. but they come visit once a year or so it's cool.
  11. Just have a 1 on 1 sesh with him before he leaves. Talk about memories and such. Don't let him leave until that happens.

  12. Im from illinois too man haha. But I think ohio

  13. I live in Ohio. Any idea what part? Oh, and let him know he's gonna hate it here. Smoking laws are shitty.
  14. Least you only get tickets. We might get a ticket, or we might to go down to the station if the police officer feels like it. :D Guess the grass is always greener because I always feel safer then my home state when I'm visiting Ohio.

    Anyway like the others have said it gets easier. Sometimes you don't mind too much or at all like one guy said. Some you remember forever.... atleast thats how it is for me. It just happens, more so around the end of the summer after senior year in highschool. Regardless of when it happens its still sad but everyone is moving on to where they want to go.

    You ever thought of moving away? If nothings going on since your buddy just moved maybe its time to start thinking about going to school, going off to work in an area you want to visit for awhile, or saving up some money and taking some time off for a quick trip somewhere/visit your friend.
  15. Have one final blow out and keep in touch.. Make trips to see each other once a year or whatever, time heals all wounds and you will feel better soon. I have lost a few really close friends but it always gets better

  16. Nah man not sure I imagine id be gettin the info on that soon

  17. Depends one who the officer is really...

    I spent 4 nights in the pen for it o_O
  18. [quote name='"ThePyroStoner"']
    Im from illinois too man haha. But I think ohio[/quote]

    well that's not too bad. at least it's not like to los angeles or something, haha.
  19. I'm going through this hard right now, 2 of my best friends are moving away (one to Florida; the other to Arizona).

  20. Trust me I know the feel, but it should get better soon. Its only been two days since I found out he was moving and im doing much better now thanks to just thinking that he isnt leaving for another week so I have time to just chill with him and reminisce. Also some of these guys had some really nice things to say. Just know that im going through it too and I got your back

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