good freind kicked out of school last week

Discussion in 'General' started by nucan, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. damnit, i hate when good ppl make really stupid decisions and end up screwing themselves for a long long time. especially when it was completely unnecessary. well, my really good freind, Will, took 16 CCC with his girlfriend last friday night. ive NEVER seen somoene get so fucked up off of just CCC, it was insane. what was even more insane was the fact that they took them at 9pm when they have to check in at midnight. competley idiotic. well, luckily WIll checks in somehow, and just hops in bed and is chillin with me and his roomate. hes just jabberin on about how hes never been trippin this hard, and hes had a lot of expierence with acid. but in his rants he starts talkin about how he needs to call josh, another kid on our hall that im pretty good freinds with becuase he is with his girlfreind. so he tries to clal him but hes just too messed up to understand what the fuck josh sayin to him on the phone, so he hands the phone to me. Josh just starts screamin at me and tells me to sprint down stairs to the parking lot, and he wont tell me why. he just says to do this for him and to sprint like mad. so i just start running down stairs, outside into 30 degree weather in my tshirt, sweat pants, and socks to find josh driving Will's gf's car and Will's gf, Erin, just compeltley messed up in the passenger seat. i have never in my life seen someone so messed up. i was like, WTF DID SHE TAKE!??! WHY DID U LET HER DO THAT!?! and all this shit. mostly cuz i was worried that she would get in a lot of trouble cuz of the state she was in. she was already late for check in, and there was no way she could play it off in front of the duty teacher. luckily, her dorm had gone bowling till like 1am (its like 1230) and he explains to me that i have to take her to her dorm for him and try to get her in bed. so i figure, ill help out, no problem at all. ok, so josh starts screaming at erin to get up and to follow me to her dorm, but she cant even keep her eyes open, let alone stand. and all she took was 16 CCC. i literlally had to carry her like 300 yards to her dorm in the fucking freezing weather where i find all the doors to her dorm locked and with the alarm on, so we cant get in till the bowling ppl come back to unlock it. so im sittin on the steps with this girl tryin to keep her awake and me warm. i just kept asking her questions which id get an answer to at least 3 minutes later. She even told me she loved me about 2 times and treid to kiss me cuz she thought i was her boyfriend, will. She kept mumbling shit like, "im.... soo.... confused".... "am... i ...going ...die??" which really really really really scared me. but at about 115, i see the bus pulling up, im just like, erin dont say a word, and just be cool. i doubt she heard me at all, but she just sat there like she was supposed to. but as the girls got off the bus, a couple of them come to talk to me and are like, hey, what are u doin out here so late? why are u with erin? blah blah blah. then finally erin's best freind walks up and tries to get erin to stand, like a complete dumbass. shes like, come on erin, lets go inside....erin cant stand up......COME ONNNN, wahts wrong erin????? the whole time this is happening, the teacher that had opened the door for all the other bowling girls was just standing there, staring at all 3 of us. i was like, oh fuck, and just bolted back to my dorm. i get back to the dorm, and go directly to our duty teacher, who is really cool about this type of shit, and he was already talkin to josh about it. we start explaining what the hell is happening when our head of house busts in and is like, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? WHY IS MR. GRIFFTH (girls head of house) CALLING ME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING NIGHT!???
    we start tellin her the story, leaving out bits and pieces, tryin to save will's ass, cuz erin is already fucked (our school has the strictest drug policy ever, no warnings..just if ur caught with anyting but tobacco or alcohol, ur gone). eventually something slips about will being with erin earlier that night so she goes to talk to him about it. she talks with him for like 5 minutes while me and josh and the duty teacher start pumping out what the hell we are gonna say. she comes back saying, " i think will is messed up, blaah blah blah" after much investigating, Will and Erin both have to go to the hospital to get thier stomachs pumped and are on a plane the next day by 2pm to go home. then they treid to drug test me and josh cuz we were involved, but our duty teacher said he would quit right then and there if we got tested. it just wasnt fair to test us cuz we tried to help. im sure they woulda if he hadnt of stopped them, and that wouldnt of been good at all. so, between all of my dodging random drug tests, being diagnosed with a mild form of bi-polar, my best freind gettin sent to rehab, wreslting, school, and dealing with my parents, this is defiently just what i needed. lol. meh, ill be fine. just thought id share another episode in the life of nucan...... just chill...until the next episode.........LOL
  2. holy shit man! this next tokes for u. good thing u didn't get tested. well i hope better days for u!
  3. haha, i feel better already!
  4. feel sorry for ya man... i hate it when people just dont think... DO DRUGS REPONSIBLY!!!!
  5. ^^ nuff said.

  6. well said..
  7. yeah man sorry for you, but people shouldnt do drugs like that. they could have avoided getting kicked out altogether.
  8. I'm sorry for the troubles but it was good that you were concerned about your friends welfare to stand out in the cold with her. You should be commended for that.
  9. yah but sometimes its worth it... sometimes...
  10. I've had to carry drunk ass girls around to save their lives to...I feel ya on that one and know what a bitch it is..But you'll do what you have to for your friends. Rep+
  11. i've been in similar situations where a girl took to much and was only semiconscious. it is really scarry i'll say in the least. people (and i don't mean to sound sexist, but every time i've had to help someone nearly od'ing it's been a girl) just show no responsibility sometimes. they don't realize that their body has limits. i just had a former acquaintance to die not to long ago from a drug od so i guess i feel sensitive on the issue. i just wish people would use more discretion and judgment when they use drugs.

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