good for a stealth apartment grow?

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    Hello guys I just joined the forum but I've been lurking for a while now.

    I've just started my first grow in a tent at about 4 weeks in veg. I live in a legal state but since I rent an apartment unit, I can't let odor out of my unit. smell outside my bedroom is fine. The tent is inside a closet, next to a window. I'm planning to pull air with an inline fan from the tent to the window.

    Tent: 3x2x5 ft
    Fan: VIVOHOME 6 inch
    Filter: Terra Bloom activated charcoal 6"
    LED: QB288 V2 Quantum Board ---> on sale btw

    What do you guys think? Am I good for flowering 3 plants? Or maybe doing 2 is safer? I will probably flower them early first time around to see how much it smells with my setup. I am also worried about smell when the tent is open during flowering. Any tips?

    Here's some pics for y'all, first grow, critique is appreciated :)
    black on black on black filter system cuz why not? :ey:
    some LST and topping to keep her short :p
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  2. yes you are more than good for wall to wall 3x2
    3 times cubic feet per minute is considered max'
    filter should be replaced every 18 months
  3. Ive gotten three autos in a tent that size but they were autos and pretty jammed. Two is much better. If not autos you can top them and then train branches to grow horizontally rather than upward. I use 3 gal fiber pots and safety pins thru the pots and pipe cleaners to guide preflowering branches outward. I only got about 2.5 oz per plant cuz of the space limitations. Added a 4x4 eventually but i grew in that 3x2x5 for like 4 years. Continuous usage just barely supplied my personal consumption.

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  4. This setup sounds legit. I would run two plants as opposed to three just for the first run just to get an idea whether or not it would be a good idea to step up to three later down the road. Less odor right off the bat and will be a little easier to manage should something come up.

    How long have you lived in the apartment? What do you plan to do when the building does routine maintenance or inspection in the unit throughout the year?
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  5. I grow in apartment, been through two inspections. Once every 5 years city does inspection of all rentals. Made landlord replace bedroom door handle that didn't have a lock on it. Once when property was sold and new insurance co inspected. That is when closets come in handy. They don't look in closets. Nothing to hide. My plants never get too large to fit in a big black plastic garbage bag. One plant was never quite enough. Two plants is a little more than enough for me. 2 autos is about 1 oz per month, conservatively. Quite a bit more usually. I grow one in the summer and pack the closet full by Dec. Just getting ready to plant my summer seed today. Oh it gets hot in there. One plant/one light in summer. I get depressed if something is not growing in my closet. I have plenty of pot and don't want the heat. But when I am growing I am not doing anything bad.
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    Thanks for your replies guys.

    Yeah right now I have normal fems in my tent and I'm topping and LSTing, hella fun lol. My babies look like bonsais hehe. Do you grow in an apartment with 4x4? Whats your setup? Won't it smell if you open the tent with a lot of plants?

    Well I have three running in there right now about 4 weeks old. I'm gonna flower them early just to see how much they smell. I just moved here a few months ago. They don't seem to mind because I smell weed all the time outside my apartment. If they're doing inspections I'll probably have to take my plants out and put them inside boxes and tape em up. I wouldn't mind throwing them out honestly, its not worth getting kicked out.

    Yes I believe we have similar strats. I'm not gonna grow them big so I can hide them easily too and I also don't smoke that much and take t breaks so 2/3 plants is cool. Do you turn the fans and light off when they come inspect? I was thinking of getting a lock on the tent and saying that its for storage if they do check it. I believe it is illegal for them to demand to open the tent since it is my personal property.
  7. I'm also worried it would smell if I open to water or tend, but I read ona gel is good? How do you stealth growers deal with the smell when the tent is open? I was even thinking of diy ing another fan with my spare pc fans to pull air for when I open my tent. do you guys think I'm being too paranoid? I live in Cali btw lmao
  8. I have my tents in a utility room in my basement. I have to have a dehumidifier running in spring and summer. The fragrance of the plants isn't an issue. I love the smell when I go into that room each day to take care of the girls.

    We don't normally smell anything upstairs. I don't need any temperature controls down there either. When the lights are on I can maintain 70 - 75 F at about 50% RH just by adjusting tent flaps. No blower or exhaust needed. Use a couple oscillating fans for keeping the mold at bay. In the winter it gets down the low 50s at night after the lights are off. Never had any strains that it bothered. Some even flourished - particularly afghan kush derivatives.

    In each tent I combine a full spectrum LED with various arrangements of CFLs with parabolic reflectors - 6500k (during veg) and 2700k (during flower). I made rectangular light rings out of 1" PVC and some eye bolts for the CFLs. The ring suspends the 4 - 8 CFLs located around the circumference of the the plants. The LED is suspended independently over the center of the plants. The LED and light ring are raised and lowered independently. Same arrangement in both tents but much higher watts and lumens in the 4x4. Been using the LED-CFL combo scheme for years with decent success. I like the low heat and flexibility it offers.
  9. You're fine but eventually you'll want to graduate to more light
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    Hey guys sorry for the bump. But this information helped me a lot to make all in the right form. I am working at home and I need a big apartment because I need a room where I create my pictures, a room for work, a room where to sleep and a room where to spend my time with friends. I wanted to change the apartment after this quarantine but none wanted to give me in rent, but in the end, I found a company which gave me a 4 bedroom apartments forest hills. I was very satisfied what they gave me because it was what I wanted and now I live here with big pleasure.
  11. yes, I have my flower lights hooked up to the wall switch, and I kill the lights any time there is a knock on the door, even if I think I know who it is is cool. I grow autos, so light breaks are not an issue to the plants. I had my fans set up on auto, then an uncool person stayed and stayed, and after an hour even I could smell it. I keep my fans running all the time as low as I can get away with.
  12. One thing I learned from aviation is the air tends to be much thicker than we ever imagine. Just think about what is going on here. You open your tent when your fan is exhausting the tent and what happens? Air is rushing into the tent.
    The smell is basically being vacuumed up by your filter.
    Air from within your room is being drawn into the tent.
    The advantage of a larger tent is you can trim and dry etc while inside the tent. Standing outside the door hoping the fan will suck in the smell might be problematic.
    I suppose you could remedy that by cranking up your fan or perhaps building another tent outside of your tents door.

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