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Discussion in 'General' started by Bud Head, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. I fixed a tew the other night that i thought was extremely great.. It's only good for the veggie lovers though!

    Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, carrots, Onions, and noodles.

    I used a chicken soup and alot of Italian seasonings.

    If you like veggies I recomend something like this..

    Since my cardiologist has me on a low fat diet (because of minor heart problems) I need new receipes for veggies only..

    If you have any please post them!
  2. minor heart problems?? I thought you said you have suffered a couple of heart attacks.
  3. I know...I couldn't believe he typed the word "minor" either. MEN!!!!!

    Hey, I have some good vege recipies that I'll get to you. I didn't eat any kind of meat for a long time so I have some good cookbooks for this kind of eating.
  4. Well then *MAJOR* heart problems..

    They are not life threatening at the moment. That is why I said "minor".

    I need to slack off on all the meats and high fat foods for a while. I have to see him every two weeks till I get my chloresterol and other shit leveled out..

    I'm already taken Zocor 20 and it's not keeping things smoothed out..

    Any way I have only had 2 kinda small heart attacks..

    I haven't died *YET*.

    that site has a bunch of recipies, i don't know if any of them are great though, i haven't tried them. i have a bunch of great books at home for this sort of thing but unfortunatly that is not where i am.
  6. Uh, potential heart problems ain't "MINOR" .... ok, done bitchin' here... Americsn Heart Assoc. has some low fat, low salt recipes. haven't checked their website lately. Have you cooked veggies on the grill? OOOOHHH, soooooo good. Zucchini sliced lengthwise, sprinkled with olive oil/italian spices, throw on grill (on a grate with small holes, the kind you use for fish). so good! Lay off the salt. Eating healthy is a good thing for us all. Take care.
  7. Thanks guys I'll go check this out!!
  8. That is sortof what we did with the stew.

    I love a good broccoli, cauliflower and rice casserole!

    I can have a small amount of fish or chicken (baked once a day!1
  9. i like #5 at taco bell, ive been getting that during lunch at work for like 10 days in a row.
  10. hey cali... would that be the nachos bell grande with the choice of hard or soft supreme taco? :D that's what it is here, lol... dunno if they're the same everywhere or not.

    oh well, i'm all wrecked.


    if ya like carrots and ranch dressing... just munch on them. get those little baby carrots and some ranch dressing (low fat of course ;)), and ya got a nice little treat :)

    as far as bigger recepies are concerned... do ya like sea food? you could some fresh chopped mussels and cook 'em with tomatos, a little bit of tomato puree, tomato soup, and a little sugar (to take away the tartness). mix this with some zuchini (sp?), chopped carrots, onions, (and whatever else you'd throw in an italian dish) garlic, and a little mozerella cheese (which from what i hear is pretty heart healthy (??))

    mmm... i'm hungry now, LOL
  11. Most seafood = lots of chloresterol.

    Being raised in the country all my life, Sausage, bacon and eggs with gravy and biscuits are a ritual.
    Hambergers, steaks, beef roast have all been a part of the evening meals.

    I have to change to a very low chloreserol and fat diet..

    Most of the stuff i'm eatting now is good stuff.

    I know i'll get tired of it fast though. I need new combinations and new ways to fix it all!

  12. they have cook books out now, i have to eat cuz my dad got quad by pass suge not to long ago then like 2 weeks after he got his gall blatter taken out, so he had to go on a low fat anc chloreserol dite, and were cooking out of the books and there really good, try one
  13. I just typed out several really good recipes and lost every bit of it. UGH! Maybe I'll email them to you later. I'm too high to type all of that again.
  14. i got the cottons: yeah its the nachos, good shit huh.

  15. How did you know I was a motherfucker?? I thought i'd kept that a secret!!!!!

    My e-mail is different. I'll pm it to you!
  16. LOL! I wasn't calling you's just what I yell when I'm frustrated in that manner.

    Ok..PM it to me, then!!

  17. Whats so bad about being an MF? Anyone who is a father and is still fucking the mom is a ......??????
  18. Oh yea I just sent you the PM!
  19. Yeah yeah....I hear you loud and clear! You, MF, you!!! :)

    Thanks for the PM...I'll type it all up and send it to you a bit later.
  20. Thanks RMJL!
    No big hurry. I do appreciate this very much!

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