Good first time drink?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Daft Funk, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. So I havent really ever drank before. Kinda lame but I never could really get any and was very scared to puke all the time. Now ive grown up and feel it is time to try drinking a little.

    So I was thinking either Rum or Tequila.

    For rum I thinking of: Captain Morgan, Sailor Jerry or Malibu Coconut

    For Tequila: Patron or any suggestion you have :D

    I want something thats easy to drink straight or by mixing. Doesnt have a super strong alcohol taste. Money does not matter much (But dont recommend $200 bottle of Patron Platinum :D )

  2. Citron and sprite. Smooth and with a splash of citrus. Couple of them in you and you'll feel pretty good.
  3. Screwdriver. Vodka + OJ
  4. Try mikes hard lemonade, it's a great first drink.
    It has amazing taste and since you have no tolerance just a few will get you drunk.
  5. Whats citron?
  6. I remember my first time I got drunk
    I was 13 and I drank jack Daniels mixed with coke in the bathroom with my friends at a school dance hahahaha
  7. Buy real fruit like pineapples and kiwi, some red Kool Aid or Hawaiian Punch, and Everclear. Put the fruit in the punch, then mix up some Everclear into there. Jungle juice bro
  8. like those orange cream icecream bars? captain morgan+ mountain dew...its legit...or straight is good too.

    jungle juice is good too ^

  9. haha we call that hunch punch round these parts.

    Citron is vodka.

    I'm a big vodka fan.
  10. I leaning towards either the patron or malibu. Anyone have any experience with these?
  11. Beer. Or straight vodka. Mixed drinks are for pussies.
  12. What about Malibu rum?
  13. @^ Its alright only had it once though. May or may not have been drunk at the time. Ill just say drink w/e you think looks good except tequila. I advise against that at least from my experience.

    Edit: CAPTAIN WITH LIME....DO IT!!!!!!!
  14. Rum and dr pepper, it's bomb.

    Edit: coconut Malibu rum is also really tasty, mixed or by itself
  15. Gin and cherry kool-aid tastes like jolly ranchers. No joke.
  16. Vodka And red kool aid is really good too
  17. Absolut red label my friend. hundo proof shit will knock you off your ass
  18. Get a bottle of cheap tequila and drink it straight. Might as well go hard. You'll thank me when you mysteriously wake up with a sombrero on your head.

  19. Oh my god, tequila? Dude that shit will make a person never want to drink again lol Just go light with malibu or something of that sort. Drink some water in between alcoholic drinks and you should be fine. I fuckin hate hang overs. I'd seriously rather smoke myself retarded. But I will admit that I like to catch an alcohol buzz then follow it up with smoking a bowl. Makes you feel nice and cozy on the inside :smoke:
  20. Yeah I'm gonna get Malibu and a small bottle of Captain

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