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Good Enough Reason to Quit?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by killyou, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I have a light form of bi-polor called cyclothmia, one minute im happy, one minute im depressed, one minute im motivated, one minute ill lock myself up for a week, social withdrawal's I lost all my friends. I want to stop smoking Weed, I am not mentally healthy and I believe it can make it worse, especially "withdrawing". Do you guys think this is a good reason to quit (all serious please, no quitting is for pussies yada yada because I LOVE it) Does anyone else have bi-polar disorder or minor schizophernia and still smokes weed?
  2. I can't relate to your illness but I would suggest smoking weed. How do you feel when you're high? If smoking weed doesn't do the trick then i guess you can always convert to OTC anti-depressants.
  3. i dont have any of that, but i can say weed makes me feel hella happy after doing it, and not just for the moment but after. I would say try quiting for a month n try smoking again and see what it does to you?
  4. Go on an extended t break, if it helps stay off it. See what happens and go from there
  5. If you feel like you should quit it's up to you weed effects different people differently if you feel you want to quit and that's what you want than quit it's your choice. Maybe try edibles first.
  6. It's such a big part of my life. Damn I'm going to miss it. I'm 19 I need to be an adult now anyways. To who said what's it like when I'm high:
    Indica - feel amazing, can sleep. no crazy racing thoughts (sometimes indicas do the below)
    Sativa- Schizophrenia kicks in, voices tell me what to do, I can actually hear my friends making fun of me and putting me down and I often see shadows and shit that aren't there. Also I come up with tons and tons of crazy theories about how people know personal stuff about me. I get mad actually, have a strong urge to kill.
    Man i sound crazy..
  7. If it makes it worse, the obvious thing to do is to quit.

  8. Maybe you could just try to get indica weed instead it's hard though cause you don't live in a medical state, try edibles they tend to be a lot more calm.

  9. Uhh... You should probably stop smoking. If not, it's probably a good idea to smoke an indica, eat a McChicken, and watch some TV.

    No lie, thats scary bro. And your avatar makes it so much worse! :D
  10. really? nobody is calling out the troll?
  11. This. If it's making you feel/sound/think crazy, then don't do it. Yeah we all enjoy the herb, but many of us can't or have to stop for multiple reason. Yours is as good as any. Ask yourself: what's more important - my mental health, the physical well being of myself and others or getting high?
  12. I think you should be able to decide for yourself.
  13. NOT trolling. This runs in my family and is said to develop when you are 19 years of age, and I just so happen to be 19 years old. I seriously needed help thats why I posted this. And lmao at the mel gibson, I hear voices I'm not a complete loony like him.
  14. There's history in my family too, my mom is bipolar and I think my sister was told once she has it too. I'm not sure if I do, I have racing thoughts and stuff which is why I smoke, but all I know is I have a tolerance for anger but once something finally pisses me
    off, I get in the 'zone'
  15. dude this sounds like me so much its freaked me out a bit, and i think i may well go to the doctors and see what they say..
  16. Dude. Stop smoking weed. Don't mess with mental illness by altering the state of your mind.
  17. #18 tharedhead, Aug 8, 2011
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    Have you been tested for celiac disease.
    Celiac Disease Is A Risk Factor For Schizophrenia

    Myths about coeliac disease | Coeliac UK

    Also, a strong desire to kill people is not commonly a symptom of Cyclothymia

    Killing people is what we like to call an "active symptom" and should be reported to your doctor promptly.
  18. Sounds to me like the Indica is acting like a sedative and only suppressing a quite serious underlying problem.

    If your not exagerating with the urge to kill vibe I would seak medical/psychiatric help pretty smartish as I dont think giving up the weed would be enough.
  19. You should seek help. The weed is too hit and miss to be mixing with such a volatile and unpredictable mental state. Go on a T break, seek help, and once you know what you are dealing with and feel more settled maybe smoke as a reward, recreation, along side any other treatment perscribed. Not a solution in opposition of Anit Depressants etc specifically designed to target your problems. Good luck mate

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