Good enough lighting?

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  1. Hello Grasscity I'm sure you all have seen or have responded to this question before but since I'm very new I was wondering if this lighting good enough for a small closet grow of 2-4 plants I was planning on getting grow bulbs aswell as bloom? I know most suggested fixtures produce a lot of heat so I was looking for a less heat producing light.
  2. I think that ad is full of buckshot claims. T5 is not fast replacing mh/hps lighting in grow rooms led is doing this. That said t5 is fine for Vegging out a plant, it's fine in a real small grow. 1 x2x2' tall plants because the light needs to be so close to the plant it has poor light footprint. This coupled with poor penetration of light makes for bad flowering lamps imho. Hid lighting is king still but comes with a price, and can be to much in a real small grow. I have a 4 x4x7 flower room I veg plants for two months before I flower for me hps is the only way to go. Air needs to be exchanged no matter what grow light you choose an inline fan ducting and carbon filter are a must esp in a small area. Closets make poor grows because it is hard to vent them... all that said if your looking to grow 4 girls I would worry about the t5 for route a lot of people will disagree. Hid systems can be bought for the same price as that t5 setup. Amazon eBay have them, led setup could be had for $200 and I think you would have better luck with that. As always my advice isn't end all be all, but do some homework don't listen to that advertisement in link you setup. Full of half truths, knowledge is power and power turned to watts to light energy will help you grow son kick ads Mary Jane.
  3. Tmnt got it.

    I wouldn't grow with t5s all the way through either.
  4. Thank you for the advice guys, I did a lot of reading and I was going to use cfl but those have crap light penetration and I don't want 20 lights all over the place if needed I would use them for under lighting or to fill in the dark areas but a concern I do have is when I actually start my grow how should I vent air out as I live in a basement apartment and I want to be stealthy
  5. Yep like they all said. Prolly work for young veg pretty decent then Id utilize it as a supplemental light or jsut a seperate clone/ young veg area.
  6. How would you suggest venting air out while keeping in stealthy and in the closet

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