Good enough for bud?

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  1. prob get clogged easily. I bought something liek that when i went to dominican republic just to use for some quick tokes and it was clogged real easily
  2. Yeah I was givin this one so I was wondering how it would do. Maybe I can sell it too someone lol.
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    Yeah man, basically puff Buddha outta anything lol people smoked Buddha with somthing 3,000 yrs ago right? lmao good luck with that pipe buddy, how much you paying if you don't mind me asking? id personally just buy a cheap $15-20 glass bowl/(spoon) online or at a headshop. Metal pipes are pretty decent & super cheap. 5-10 bucks

  4. It was a gift lol. I might invest in a glass one.
  5. Use a screen if you can
  6. yeah man deff a screen
  7. briar pipes wont smoke that well with bud. They are made to have relatively moist tobacco packed pretty firmly into them so they burn slow, over about a half hour. If you pack lightly you run a risk of scorching the wood, which gets a pretty nasty taste, plus the whole gooeyness of bud may clog it. If you use a screen in there it could work fine, just dont keep the lighter over it for too long and clean with pipe cleaners pretty in every time you smoke run one or 2 through there, if it gets really clogged dip a pipe cleaner in alcohol and run that through.

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