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Good editing service

Discussion in 'General' started by JumpinOut, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Hey guys I was just wondering do any of you guys know a good editing/proof reading service? I'm turning in a small 500 word essay for a certain college application and I was just gonna get it edited. But all the websites I found were pretty sketch?

    Any my fellow blades recommend?
  2. If your talking spell check just microsoft word haha
    Just ask somebody to proof read it out loud to you. If shit sounds funny then go back and change it. Thats what I do for essays atleast
  3. that's what grammar Nazis are for bro. post it up
  4. Lol real talk? I just want something professional ya know. So I sound smarter than I really am
  5. If you pm it to me I'll edit it (though I'll wait to do it til tomorrow, not out of laziness, but due to the fact that I am so sleepy right now that I might miss stuff). I'd like to help a fellow blade out. I'd look at style too, not just grammar, and try to help you get across the message you want.
    I went through the college app process recently myself, and got accepted to 8 schools. I'd give you the best advice I can.

    But if you don't want to send it to me that's fine too.
    If its personal, or you just don't trust some random person on the internet with Lara Croft as an avatar, its k.

    Don't pay for professional editing though. That's for books and articles. Most if not all college essay editor services that would charge a fee are scams or at the very least a waste of money. Besides, it won't make you sound smarter than you really are, it'll either just correct your grammar, or simply make you sound fake.

    Have your high school's college counselor read it, or one of your teachers. Maybe even classmates who aren't full of shit. It'd help if at least one of the people reading it knows you, and knows your strengths. They could point out something good about you that ought to be in your essay, achievements you could list, etc.

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