Good dog for stoner?

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  1. Are you looking for a lazy dog? Or one that just doesn't need a lot of exercise? Small dogs almost never need walks. If you even have a small backyard they can explore a little, or go out to the bathroom by themselves. I have french bulldogs and I've had terriers before. Although French bulldogs aren't lazy.(they have ALOT of energy when young) they don't need to be constantly played with or ever need walks. So they are pretty cool.
  2. lab, pit, rotti mix here just kinda a mutt hes 13 and still loves to play but hes a lazy ass now that hes old

  3. You sound like you need a pug. My pug is friendly with almost every dog and person, loves kids, and dosen't need that two hour walk schedule. Mine likes to be around me, will always sit around people's feet. Dosen't bark too much. But he is also old and fat so thats probably why...
    But he loves the ganj as well:smoke:
  4. I'm very glad to see that you are taking your time making a selection.

    While I love boxers, one of our sons has two of them, Frankenstein(M) and Godzilla(F). They are HYPER. Once they get chilled, they are fine, but it takes a bit. But, this can so often be the dog, not the breed! We've kept them both, when the kids go out of town and it's a chore, but I love 'em. They are so regal!

    Have you considered taking the family to the local shelter and walking through? When I got ours, we have two, both times I was allowed to take the dog to a pen where we could interact. With the first one, it was just her and me and she was a puppy so it was pretty easy for me to decide. I'm a sucker, she was in the first kennel on the right A3. But, I felt obliged to see the others so I took entire packet from her kennel, so nobody else could and walked through all three buildings. It was tough seeing all those dogs needing homes. Then I went back and got Zoe. Just something to consider?

    A few years later, I felt Zoe needed a companion and convinced my wife to let me adopt a dog I had spotted on the local shelter web site. This time I took Zoe with me. I took her with me to the office, told them she would be in my car when I went to see Rockie initially, then I would come get her, put her in the public pen and then go and get Rockie to see how the got along. At the time, the staff was not permitted to assist me for liability reasons, but we didn't have any problems and we took Rockie home that day.

    Hope this helps.
  5. One that's alive...
  6. Forgot to mention. Dropped my Pax the other night, just after filling it. I got up to clean it up and turned around and Rockie beat me to it. He was like, "got any more?". Made me wonder if he had been left at the shelter for eating somebodies stash?:yummy:
  7. i have a chocolate lab, she actually likes smoking weed, and shes really lazyyyy
  8. I fucking love labs!
  9. Doberman pinscher

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  10. I've had pitbull mixes they're fn crazy no matter how you bring them up in some way, shape, or form. I have a boston terrier now that is a lil crazy sometimes but mostly she likes to sleep on the couch.  She's good in her crate also...crate training is a must with puppies.  She doesn't like to smoke but she loves stems, she'll chew a good stem for 5-6 min.  She doesn't mind a sip of beer once in a while either. So her and I get a long swimmingly.
  11. German Shepherds are cool because there intelligent, if you dont want to do anything and just lay around they will do that with you. On the other hand, if you wanna go for a hike they will be all for it! Best dogs!

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